Writing is a high priority in our homeschool.  I believe that if you are going to strive academically, as well as, spread the gospel effectively, you must be able to write successfully.

I always jump at an opportunity to participate in a homeschool product review involving the essentials of writing.

Create Better Writers was a new curriculum to our family when we recieved the ebook. We were not provided with the full writing program, but we were requested to review the lessons How to Teach the Paragraph and How to Teach the Five Paragraph Essay.

Before beginning to teach the How to Teach the Paragraph to my 6th, 9th, and 10th grader, I read over the the Homeschool Action Plan, the objectives and steps to the lesson to get a better understanding on how this entire program worked.  It’s imperative to fully understand the foundation of the program.

The How to Teach a Paragraph is suited for grades 3 and above.  Depending on how quickly your child masters each step in the writing process will determine what pace you and your student will take.  A younger child will go at a much slower pace.

The How to Teach Paragraph will show you how to teach your students one simple trick for mastering the paragraph.  This is the foundation of the entire writing program.  Once your student excels in this simple step, the rest of the writing system will fall into place quite easily.

My high schoolers mastered the simple trick quickly and it reinforced their paragraph writing skills making them feel more confident writers.  Review is always good thing in our home.  With my 6th grader, we are spending more time working on mastering this one simple trick.  We are in no rush.

After mastering the paragraph the Homeschool Writing Action Plan will direct the teacher to the resource, Writing Tricks Plus.  This will help build stronger sentences and vocabulary.


My high schoolers moved on to How to teach the Five paragraph Essay and we are currently still working on this lesson.  Since my children mastered the one simple trick, writing a 5 paragraph will be easy.  They are just expanding what they mastered in writing a paragraph.

Our goal is to master the 5 paragraph essay by Christmas.

After completing the How to Teach the Five Paragraph Essay, The Homeschool Writing Action Plan will again point the teacher to the resource, Writing Tricks Plus where they will enhance on sentence and vocabulary.  Also, they will do descriptive writing lessons, learn to write stories with literary devices such as characterization and setting.

This writing program is very easy to teach and is very comprehensive. The author does an excellent job explaining the lessons to the teacher. I feel confident that after completing the full program, my children will be successful writers.

Being able to purchase one FULL writing program curriculum just one time for all my children is a major plus for our large family.

You can purchase the full writing curriculum or by individual lessons.  This full writing curriculum is very reasonable priced for around $100.00 as an ebook.  A huge deal in my opinion!

I plan on purchasing the entire full writing program for my crew!


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I received How to Teach the Paragraph and How to Teach the Five Paragraph Essay ebooks in return for my honest opinion.  No other compensation was given.