Homeschool in the Garden: A Big List of Ideas and Resources

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Spring is upon us, and what better way to spend it than planting? This year, take your homeschool outside and discover all the ways you can learn as a family through gardening.

So, exactly what can your kids learn as they explore seed and soil? Check out these great posts from other homeschoolers who have taught from the garden. Then scroll down to see the big list of homeschool gardening ideas and resources!

Garden-Schooling Inspiration

A great place to start is 8 Simple Ways to Educate While Gardening With Kids from No Doubt Learning. It will give you a good idea of how to get your kids involved. You can also check out her cute Kindergarten unit on worms.

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Here’s an amazing and pre-K through 8th grade gardening unit from In All You Do!


Teach Beside Me has great tips on gardening with kids along with a list of 12 great books about seeds.

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Talk about the different kinds of gardens and plan one out like this pizza garden at To the Moon and Back. Perhaps even plant a theme garden!


Striving to Follow Him talks about spiritual lessons learned from tending the garden. What great connections to make as you garden with your kids!


Just get out in the garden and observe your plants, watching for bugs and caterpillars. That’s what this family did at Christy’s Houseful of Chaos.


More Fantastic Resources

Big List of Homeschool Gardening Ideas

Here is a list of garden-related learning opportunities that you can use to incorporate gardening into your homeschool this season, create a unit study, or spend an entire month or two learning together around your garden!


  • Fruit of the Spirit
  • Third day of creation
  • Parable of the sower
  • Character: Patience, Diligence, Gentleness, Responsibility

Relational / Service

  • Teamwork (planning/working with siblings)
  • Interview experienced gardeners
  • Donate crops to food bank
  • Serve neighbors by sharing crops and seeds
  • Weeding for an elderly neighbor

Life Skills

  • Frugality: saving seeds, saving on groceries
  • Seasonal cooking
  • Gardening tips and methods
  • Building boxes, trellises, etc.
  • Business (selling/bartering flowers, veggies, medicinal herbs)
  • Organic/sustainable gardening/farming


  • Three sisters of the Native Americans (squash, beans, corn)
  • Notable gardens in history
  • Agricultural practices in history
  • History of food preservation / victory gardens
  • Early American gardens
  • Famous gardeners (Thomas Jefferson, Pliny the Elder, Claude Monet, etc.)


  • Climate and zone considerations
  • Planting seasons
  • Garden plans for various countries


  • Maps/Garden plans (measurement, area, scales, etc.)
  • Calculating germination rate
  • Measuring seedling growth
  • Estimating germination success
  • Cost and savings calculations
  • Calendar: Planning for succession planting with maturity dates


  • Eating healthy food, food groups, food colors
  • Taking care of planet
  • Plant biology
  • Composting
  • Worms
  • Pests and beneficial insects
  • Native plants
  • Water conservation
  • Weather


  • observe and draw/paint flowers
  • Painting with plant parts (leaves, stems, etc.)
  • Leaf/plant rubbings
  • Make garden art/decorations (stones, sculptures, signs, etc.)
  • Monet artist study (focusing on botanicals)
  • Famous paintings/drawings of gardens

What activities have you done to bring your homeschool out to the garden?  

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  1. Thanks for listing my Unit Study!! This is a FANTASTIC resource. Great job Tauna!!

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