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Is your homeschool faith and family life legalistic?

homeschool faith and family

I am sharing with you my honest thoughts about these subjects that will destroy your homeschool family and interfere with your homeschool faith.

Unfortunately, our family only knows too well that these following opinions are not only damaging to your family, but to the homeschool community as well. I can’t say that our family was guilty of all these myths or narrow-minded beliefs, but several of them were enough to cause our family to repent.

Thank God, for his mercy and grace. It has taking us several years to become a joyful family again when it comes to our homeschool and extra-curricular activities.

The 5 Legalistic Myths That Will Destroy your Homeschool Faith and Family Life

  1. All public school is bad. Yes, I totally understand that you and I believe that homeschool is the best option for our children. But let’s face it, some parents don’t have what it takes to teach their children. Some parents have to work to provide for their children. What about single parents? If God doesn’t place it on their heart or they have no desire, they will fail as homeschool parents. I have come across a family that the mother states that she is not good at the homeschool thing, but she believes it’s better they learn nothing than go to the public school. This is border line child abuse in my book.
  2. The only homeschool curriculum that will educate children throughly is the one you have chosen for your family. This is hogwash! I have 6 children and all of them learn differently, so how do you suppose one curriculum can accommodate all children’s learning style? Thankfully, there is a vast variety of homeschool curriculum that can reach each child’s need.
  3. You don’t allow your children to socialize with children who are not homeschooled. I have to admit, I am very selective who my children associate with, but there was a time when my children only associated with homeschool children including our church family. I am here to testify that there was more bullying going on in that church than any other group or activity we have ever participated in. Yep, it’s a true story. We switched churches where there were very few homeschool families and my children were accepted and loved by all. The other children actually envied my children due to the fact that they were homeschooled. I was very selective of who they associated with outside of church, but it all worked out fine. These precautions should be present regardless of whether the children are homeschooled or not.
  4. You fear the Internet. Yes, absolutely you need to have strict family Internet guidelines, but by not allowing your children to be on the Internet at all during their older childhood, you will not be preparing them for the outside world. I know a homeschool family that does not own a computer and their 7 children have no idea what a spreadsheet is or how to even turn on a computer. So unless you are training your children to become Amish then please teach them basic computer skills with caution. I am not talking Facebook or social media, but simple computer skills.
  5. Your homeschool method is the best for all homeschool families. This goes along the line with homeschool curriculum, but I have been on forums where people have been bashing other homeschool methods which only resulted in discouraging others. A forum needs to be a place for encouragement not bashing. This only leaves people discouraged and confused about their homeschool journey and sometimes it takes trial and error to find that ideal method. Don’t do it, please! Homeschool families need support!

I am well aware that some of you are offended, but that was not my intent. I just want others to know, we all need to stick together on this homeschool journey, not form a division. Of course, we all have differences. God created us all different, but we can support one another. If you are not part of our frugal homeschool mom facebook group, join now for lots of encouragement and great ideas. Don’t worry, we monitor it closely and will not tolerate any ugliness.

On another note, please don’t make the same 7 Mistakes I have made in our homeschool journey. 

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 If your homeschool faith and family life is legalistic, than take this up with the Lord. He will comfort and guide you. He did for our family.