Homeschool Curriculum: History at it’s Best!

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Heritage History. Affiliate links have been used.

Heritage History has homeschool curriculum history down to a tee. 

If you want your child to get hooked on history, check out this homeschool history curriculum!

They definitely put a lot of thought into their online academy to make history a thrill for all.

Heritage History takes some of the best living books of history, and puts them in easy to use collections by time periods.  You can use them on any eReader or read them just in PDF format. It’s absolutely convenient for all homeschool families. 

History 2

My boys have been engaging in Heritage History’s online academy. It’s truly a homeschool mother’s dream to have their kids reading about history for pure enjoyment. My ten year old is a history buff now since he has been engaging in all these entertaining history books. It makes history come alive to him.

My older boys are enrolled in the Ancient Rome course which has the option of Level I or II. Each course has required and suggested reading books based on a point system. Level II requires 600 reading points for a full course. There are illustrated text of 45 books, over 60 maps, timelines, battle dictionaries, reading recommendations, geography terms, short biographies, historical era summaries, and a ready-to-print Study Guide to work with during this course. It gives the student a lot of flexibility based on their interests. My older son prefers to read the books on PDF form on his laptop while my other boys prefer to read on their iPad. 

The student and teacher both create an account with Heritage History Online Academy. The parent is able to see the student’s progress at any given time. It tells you what books they have read and the scores on the tests that they have taken. I required my older son to write a  comparative paper of one of his favorite ancient Rome historical heroes with our president. I love how you can cater the curriculum to fit your family’s needs. 

One of my favorite aspect of Heritage History Online Academy is the library pass. It’s a SO awesome! You get access to all of the living books for one low fee of 40.00. The pass is good for 3 years. All family members share the same pass! It’s a brilliant idea. My younger son who is 10 picked out many books from the Young Readers selection. Reading history is his cup of tea, especially historical fictions.  There are over 500 history books to choose from.

I’m in homeschool mama’s heaven. I recommend this library pass to all homeschool families regardless of what history program you choose. The books make great read a louds.

Heritage History Online Academy is definitely reasonably prices for the homeschool family. You pay 25.00 per course and it’s good for the whole family. You just have to pay 19.95 to enroll each child into the academy initially. This is a huge saving for large homeschool families. You can’t find a more throughly history program that uses living books than Heritage History. 

Guess what?

A handful of History for the New Year! Be sure to enter this AWESOME Homeschool Curriculum History Giveaway!

Heritage History wants to give away (5) Online Courses to (5) families! I will be picking the random winners on January 24th at 12a. All winners will be contacted via email and must respond within 48 hours or I will choose another winner. All entries will be verified.  


Your family will adore this homeschool curriculum history course that will influence our children to become leaders in the next generation.


  1. This sounds like exactly the kind of curriculum my son needs! He currently doesn’t have much interest in history, but he loves reading and science. If I could use his love of books and his love of technology to engage him in history that might be the key!

  2. I’m not a huge history fan, so therefore neither is my oldest. I would LOVE to try the Young Readers Classical Curriculum!!

  3. We would start with Ancient Rome. We can’t wait to start!

  4. Amber Meadows says:

    I’m not certain which course yet but I know my son would love this! He absolutely loves living history! I have even learned so much from reading his books. 🙂

  5. Melissa G says:

    I would choose the Ancient Rome program.

  6. My son loves history and loves reading. I would love to try this program with him.

  7. Michelle Petrucci says:

    I was just trying to find a new history curriculum for my daughter. Perfect timing! WE would love the Ancient Rome set.

  8. tammy cordery says:

    I like the Ancient Greece Curriculum for my classroom. My daughter is reading about it and likes it.

  9. I would love for my kids to do the Early America Online Course! I didn’t realize they were offering online courses now. I am excited about this! 🙂

  10. British Middle Ages…somehow we always seem to miss this time period, and it has soooo much relevance to our world today!

  11. I believe we would enjoy doing the online course for Ancient Rome or Modern Europe as we have lightly touched on these topics but I’m sure w/ the additional inputs from the online course, it would make history even more interesting 🙂

  12. Heather Bardin says:

    Both the Early America and Modern Europe courses sound incredible!

  13. We would choose American history although my daughter might prefer ancient greece or rome.

  14. Wow that’s great. Might try them out next year.

  15. Early America!

  16. tracy criswell says:

    This sounds like an interesting history curriculum. I’m always looking for new ideas, etc.

  17. I would choose American History… I love history and I would like to pass that down to kiddo, too!

  18. Michelle Karr says:

    I would pick the Young Readers Classical for my son.

  19. Early America. Thank you.

  20. Teresa M. says:

    Most definitely, my kids would enjoy American history.

  21. Tiffany F says:

    I have a 10 year old who has developed quite an interest in history this year as well. This is the first time I’ve heard of this and would LOVE to try it!

  22. This sounds wonderful. My boys would love the readers and the American history.

  23. This looks like an excellent learning curriculum! We would chose the Young Readers course to start with!


  25. Chantelle Grubbs says:

    Not sure which I would choose. Maybe young readers for my 8 year old? Or Rome for my older son.

  26. My son would love the American history class.

  27. This sounds great! I am going to have to look into Heritage History. I would like for my children to study American History next year.

  28. Jackie Moore says:

    Early American history is what we would love to win!!!

  29. I wish I can win the giveaway for the Europe history. We are crazy of it!

  30. These looks very neat. I’d love any but would probably choose the Young Readers.

  31. My daughter would like the Young Readers Online Course. Thank you!

  32. All of them sound exactly what I’ve been searching for! Maybe this is just what we need to spark an interest in my (4) boys.

  33. We have young ones still, so we’d use the young reader’s course. Thanks for the opportunity.

  34. Looks engaging–would love to try it out.

  35. I love teaching with living books. And this curriculum sounds very interesting. I’d love for my boys to try it. Thank you!

  36. I have not heard of this curriculum before. Looks interesting and worth taking a peek.

  37. My son would love to do the Early American History. This program looks really good and really it follows how we all learn history…….. through reading.

  38. Our boys enjoy learning about history so I think they will like every course from Heritage History. Thank you for this offer! 🙂

  39. Noreen McTague says:

    My 9 year old daughter is a very challenging student. Getting her interested and engaged is not easy. This sounds like it may be what I’ve been looking for!

  40. Kelly Greene says:

    my girls would enjoy the British Middle Ages.

  41. My son and I would LOVE the British Middle Ages!!

  42. My children love history but I find it difficult to find time to cover it in detail with all of them. Then I don’t get it done at all. I would love for them to have a great go to source. I don’t know which one we would choose yet.

  43. We would love to try the Young readers classical. Thanks!

  44. Jackle S. says:

    I would like anything from the civil war up to the end of WWII Thank you for this chanced

  45. Jennifer M says:

    Would try Christian heroes

  46. My daughter would love Early American History

  47. My son would love the early American history course!

  48. I have never heard of HH. Thanks for sharing about it…I am going to look at it further.

  49. This looks great.

  50. Teresa Locklear says:

    I’d like to try the British Middle Ages or Modern Europe.

  51. Anything that engages my children to love learning is worth looking into. I’m sure my husband and I would also enjoy the reading.

  52. autumn fowler says:

    History is my favorite subject. Although teaching my kids with our current material bites it isn’t engaging at all, kinda boring, and dry. Making history Come alive is what I really want for my kids especially the times when Jesus was alive to parallel that with the same times as our savior walked the earth really always seems to drive the main point I Homeschool for home. Thanks for the opportunity, I only wish they would have a free trial, please let us know if they do! Thanks for a great blog.

  53. I think I would try the British Middle Ages Level 1.

  54. Melissa S says:

    I’m still looking for a history course that works for my son. I would love to try this.

  55. Sounds great — I have at least one history buff.

  56. I just stumbled upon this from pintrest. These look amazing! I think I’d use the Early America course.

  57. I think British Middle Ages Classical Curriculum sounds interesting!

  58. Thanks for posting this! (and the opportunity for the give away)
    I was searching for a new approach for our history lessons. This just may be the ticket!

  59. annabelle says:

    This looks very interesting. Thank you for sharing!

  60. Ancient Rome sounds good.

  61. We would love to win this, sounds like so much fun for my boys! They dread history now.

  62. I think I would definitely use the British Empire Classical Curriculum. Not only does it cover British history but also world history as Britain has influenced so many other regions of the world.
    Thanks for sharing this site and resource.

  63. Jennifer Mathesz says:

    The young readers classical

  64. Denise Naugler says:

    Early America online.

  65. Kimberly R says:

    I would like the Early America online course or the Young Readers edition.

  66. My daughter would loves the Young Readers Online Course

  67. Would love to try this!!

  68. I think we would pick the Young Readers Classical Curriculum.

  69. I would begin my student in the Ancient Rome Online Ourse.

  70. This sounds great. We love to listen to history.

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