Homeschool Boot Camps 101!

I know the term….Homeschool Boot Camps sounds intimidating!

But really it will bless your homeschool socks off!  Trust me on this one.

homeschool boot camps 101 Tips

We start our homeschool boot camp two weeks before we “officially” start our new homeschool year.  By the end of the two weeks, our routines are habit and our first day of homeschool with our new shiny notebooks and sharpened crayons is smooth sailing.  Well, as smooth as it can possibly be with 6 kiddos.

6 Areas of Reconstructing in our Home for Homeschool Boots Camps

  • Bedtime Routine – get back on schedule and wake up at the designated time.  This means me, too.  This is the most difficult area for our home.
  • Implement Chore Charts – I introduce to my children to the new chore charts and train them during what would be our homeschool hours.
  • Organize school location and supplies – make sure your school location is in order and you have all the supplies needed.  I always take advantage to the Back to School sales.
  • Create a 3 week rotation of meals – We have a (3) week rotations of dinners.  We also eat the same meal for breakfast and lunch each day of the week.  We have smoothies on Monday and macaroni and cheese  on Tuesday, etc.  This makes grocery shopping  and planning easy.  (eBook coming soon)
  • Start implementing your work schedules/hobbies around homeschooling hours – I will only work my designated work schedule even if we are not doing school.  I have a hard time with this one, too.
  • Create an errand schedule that does not interfere with homeschool hours – this means I do my errands on Saturday morning instead of during the week even if I have to fight the crowds at Wally World.  Ugh!

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comment sections and I will do my best to answer them.  Also, follow along with our homeschool Facebook community where we discuss everything about our homeschool journey.

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Are  homeschool boot camps happening in your homeschool?  If so, when do you start?


  1. Great idea, I think we will start this at our house. Just wondering what you do for lunch. Always in need of inspiration for this kids prefer not to eat sandwiches.

    • Our lunches include:

      Monday – Smoothies, raw veggies, and nuts (no fruit)
      Tuesday – Quesadillas with cheese and lunch meat
      Wed – Hot dogs and Mac and Cheese
      Thursday – Bean Burritoes with cheese
      Friday – Soup or sandwiches, raw veggies, pretzels

      We also have a piece of fruit with our lunches/


  2. I really appreciate this – and I really needed it. Thank you. 🙂 I look forward to your meal planning book. That is one of the hardest things for me!

    Love all of the tips!

  3. Jerie Bowie says:

    I love it! I had never thought of doing it like this but we will this year! Thanks!

  4. Hi Jill, Just found your blog through pinterest. Thanks for the tips!

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