Hip Homeschooling Games to Make Learning Fun!

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Homeschooling games makes learning FUN and creative in a non-threatening way!

Two little girls playing in checkers in kindergarten

All students can benefit from the use of educational games. The fun environment makes lessons memorable for children of all ages. They act as an effective method of teaching for all sorts of subjects from math to spelling. Homeschool students benefit greatly from learning games, because it gives them an opportunity to practice their studies in new, exciting ways that will keep them intrigued with the subject at hand. Learning games also give homeschool educators insight into the areas where students may require some extra attention to ensure complete understanding of the subjects.


Puzzles are not only a great way to develop a child’s recognition of spatial patterns and placement, but they can also come together to teach kids how individual parts come together to create a whole.

* GeoPuzzle World: Nothing teaches geography better than children piecing together a world map puzzle.

Science Experiments

Science experiments create the ability to see the mysteries of nature in front of your own eyes. With Kohls coupons, experimental kits are an affordable homeschool game that kids will love!

* Smithsonian Electronic Crystal Growing Kit: A kit with everything necessary for children to learn about crystals, their formation and history, while making their very own at home.

Computer Software Learning

Our increasing need to function through technology has become exponentially greater each day. Computer software games come in a wide variety of subjects and learning levels, which teach children to navigate and utilize the latest technologies.

* Jump Start Typing: A computer software program developed to teach children to navigate the keyboard through fun games that they can practice on their own.

Board Games

Perhaps the most classical game, loved by both kids and adults, is the ever-present board game. There are some great board games that help develop skills in mathematics.

* Sum Swamp: This board game will have kids jumping with excitement and developing math skills rapidly as they try to avoid the pitfalls of the dreaded swamp.

Spelling and Vocabulary Creation

One of the most important skills for students to continue developing over time is expanding their vocabulary and being able to spell correctly. Word building games, like Scrabble, can assist in a playful education in the literary division of study.

* BananaGrams: This fun, Scrabble-like game is a great tool for word creation and spelling exercises, while learning to build words off one another.

Arts and Crafts Projects

Art projects are wonderful for students. They can express themselves through visual imagery and learn about a cultural part of the history of humanity. Arts and crafts project kits teach kids to be creative and think outside of the box.

* 4M Crochet Art Kit: One of the many functional, yet artistic skills that have been passed down by our ancestors comes in an easy to learn kit for kids.

Physical Exercise and Anatomy

 Nowadays, kids do not have the active, daily routines that they once did. It is important that children enjoy some physical exercise and learn about the importance of health. Games can be a great way to get kids moving and learning about how their bodies function.

* Nickelodeon Fit for Wii: Kids love video games, so why not embrace it and give them an active outlet and educational twist on physical education and health.

Homeschooling games are meant to help children advance their understanding of their studies without getting bored or overwhelmed. Games give children an alternative way to focus on subjects that are integral to their development. So why not dedicate Fridays as game day, rotating games and subject matter each hour? In the end, everyone wins! Homeschoolers have fun teaching and kids enjoy learning!


My name is Lissa Pitney, and I believe we should give our children the best education possible through both traditional and creative methods. I enjoy sharing my techniques with others, whose children can benefit from fun, learning experiences.

Are homeschooling games part of your homeschooling days?

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