Heritage History Family Night

The Heritage Classical Libraries consists of traditional history books that have been popular with young people for many generations. They include interesting books suitable for all ages, but are especially entertaining to middle school students and young adults who love to engage in narrative history, and personal, in depth stories making heritage history come alive.

Each Library CD is comprehensive and includes biographies, historical literature, military history, and hero stories. The individual Heritage Classical Libraries are not considered complete curriculums but make an excellent supplement or reading material for any history program.  These CD’s are especially useful for the Charlotte Mason or classical approach to homeschooling.  They make history come alive for all ages unlike dull textbooks.(including mommy)

We are studying early American History this year and have been fascinated with the Early America – Heritage Classical Library collection of stories. The Early America Library CD includes over 80 books by classical children’s authors that will help all ages develop a love for American History.

The Early American library covers United States history from the founding of British colonies in America to the First World War.

Check out all the book titles on the Early America: Heritage Classical Library CD.

How It Works for Us

heritage history family night

We have been reading the story, Puritan Twins, together as a family in the evenings that is included in the Early America: Heritage Classical Library CD.  One of my favorite perks of the Heritage Classical Library collections is that you can download it to your electronic reader.  In fact, the Early America: Heritage Classical Library CD includes all the popular file types for multiple ereaders and computers.

Daddy reads the selected story while we all snuggle in the living room. It’s a treat to sit next to Daddy on the couch.  Some of the stories actually have pictures and we pass around the ereader so we can all view the enlarged picture.

I usually print a few coloring pages pertaining to the time period for the little ones to keep them busy.  I allow them to use markers during this time as a treat. Afterwards, they add the coloring sheets to their history notebooks.

Of course, what family night is complete without some sort of snack?  Sometimes one of the older boys makes something special or we all just snack on hot aired popcorn.

We usually pause when their is an intriguing new vocabulary word or if someone has a question and discuss the meaning.  We have used the internet as a resource at times, too.

Daddy always leaves off at a interesting part of the story, and the children beg for more.  They anxiously anticipate the next Family Night to finish the story.

We plan on purchasing the entire library collection for the children to read independently or as read alouds.  In fact, I want to put each collection on my own ereader because they are so entertaining.

Buy It

You can purchase Early America – Heritage Classical Library on Heritage History’s website, as well as many other classical library collections for only 19.99.

Christmas Special

From now through Christmas, Heritage History is offering FREE SHIPPING on all Classical Curriculum and Classical Library CDs, for a savings of up to 15 percent.

They all make wonderful Christmas presents that the whole family can enjoy!

Win It

Heritage History wants one of Blessed Beyond a Doubt’s readers to have their own copy of Early America – Heritage Classical Library.  I will be picking a random winner on December 12 at 12am.  Winner will be contacted via email and must respond within 48 hours.

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How do you make the heritage history come alive in your family?

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