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Asia Its People and History by WriteBonnieRose

The news is inescapable. Parents and children alike are suffering for their faith in Jesus Christ. It’s happening around the world, in places like China, Laos, Egypt, Ethiopia, Colombia, and many others. How can we share the needs of the persecuted with children without overwhelming them with details that are too much for them to handle? Asia: Its People and History is a sixteen-week look at six nations in Asia: China, Laos, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Iran. It shares some of the needs of these nations through fictional stories and narrative history written in a gentle way appropriate for children in elementary and middle school. It looks at the history of these nations, the needs of the persecuted who live there, and ways to pray for the lost and unreached. 

Asia: Its People and History can serve as a supplement to a homeschool history course, as a read-aloud, or as part of family devotions. From now through January 1, 2015, you can save 42% off at Educents and pay just $3.50. Cathy Duffy said, “Asia: Its People and History serves as an interesting supplement for the study of Asia . . .it’s great for children in the elementary grades . . .” 

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