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Music is so powerful, especially for children. Children love to memorize their favorite song lyrics and listen to them over and over again. 

Yes, my daughter is notorious for this habit and has a tendency to drive her older brothers bonkers.

Happy Kids Songs

Happy Kids Songs offers the keys to happiness and success through the art of music at its best. The happy songs are designed for ages 4-8 years old, but my 10 year old finds them very inspiring and sings along with them when we are cruising in the car. There are 8 albums and each of album teaches important daily living skills to empower character, social, and emotional skills.

This music has been shown to be an effective, almost magical medium for teaching character and social and emotional skills—a fun way to “make the medicine go down.” 

Dr. Mac (and friends) is the songwriter and producer of these fabulously happy songs.

Dr. Mac (aka Don MacMannis, Ph.D.) is a singer, songwriter and producer who specializes in creative projects for young children. He is the music director and songwriter for the PBS hit series, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, and has won numerous awards for his songwriting and production talent. He has written and produced over a hundred songs.

Happy Songs

In addition, Happy Kids Songs has a workbook that my children adore that reinforce the key concepts of all 40 songs. There are 2 sections to the workbook. Section one contains the lyrics to each song and a coloring or activity page that correlates to the moral lessons of each song. Section two includes hands-on activities which enforce the lessons. My children seem to really grasp the concepts when we do the hands-on activities.

How Happy Kids Songs Works for Us

On our way to school each morning, we listen to Happy Kids Songs. They never get bored with the fun songs. I usually try to concentrate on one album per week. I offer the coloring page or activity to my children that goes along with the songs of the album on Wednesdays after we have discussed the skill on the way home from school. I assist my children with the hands-on activities, but don’t stress over it if we don’t get each of them done. I have been known to save a hands-on activity for a later date to reinforce the concept.

Who Would Benefit from Happy Kids Song

Happy Kids Songs and workbook would be an incredible asset to all families, classrooms, churches, and day care providers. There are so many different ideas in the workbook to meet every type of learning style. The songs teach daily living skills that will help them excel in life. 

Listen to a Happy Kids Songs sample.

Win 3 Happy Kids Albums and Workbook

Happy Kids Songs is generously giving away 3 Happy Kids Songs albums and workbook to one of Blessed Beyond a Doubt’s readers. Fill out the form below. A random winner will be chosen on September 28 th at 12 am. All entries will be verified.