Giving Back during Back to School!

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This year was the first year I participated in the annual Giving Back Packs Event hosted at Real Advice Gal. She and her team members coordinate this event with an unselfish heart.

It’s a blessing to me to be able to participate along with my children.

In all honesty, I have no idea why I haven’t participated before in the annual Giving Back Packs Event. It’s right up my alley.


I totally understand the back to school stress that can take place with families who are having a difficult time financially. Back to School supplies are rather pricy especially when you have multiple children. This single mama can relate to the extra stress and financial responsibilities that takes place during this busy time of year.


A big thank you to Aldi who sponsored this annual event. I was sent a gift card in the mail to purchase school supplies at our local Aldi’s. It was so rewarding to me watch my children pick out some of their favorite school supplies for someone who is in need. 


After we got home, the children fought over who would put the school supplies into the back pack. It was really silly to me that they were arguing over something so petty, but it made me realize that this was really an important event to them. I decided next year, I will allow them each to fill a back pack and donate it to their charity of choice.

After some debate, we all decided that we would drop off the back pack at a local daycare. We were welcomed with open arms and the director was very touched. We thought that the back pack and school supplies could be given to one of their children whose back pack was in poor shape. 

This is just a very small thing that we did for someone else, but it really had an impact on my children. I recommend finding a single mom with a child in need, daycare, or just blessing someone you know that could benefit from school supplies if you have some spare change this year. Don’t forget those homeschoolers who primarily are living off a single income in double income world. 

I just wish we started giving back during back to school time years ago. It was a blessing to our family.

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