A FUN way to Introduce Customs and Culture to your Children

If You Were Me and Lived in… is a comprehensive series that introduces customs and culture to ages 4-8. Carole P. Roman’s groundbreaking books explores the many aspects of our lives worldwide and opens the door to discussions on the variety of people sharing the globe.

Each book compares language, food, places to visit through the eyes of a child of the same age. Pack with interesting facts, the books are elastic enough to include older children in discussions and projects.



The series has won many awards and remains on Amazon’s best-sellers lists. Compare life from Kenya to Scotland, Peru to South Korea, Australia to Norway. There’s even a book of the same title about being a colonist on Mars!,  

When you’ve read all of the 22 books, be sure to check out the spin-off series, If You Were Me and Lived in… historicals, which examines different times throughout our world’s history. Take a peek at life in Ancient Greece, or Ancient Mali, learn about what kids did for fun in Elizabethan England or the Old West. Travel through time and check out all ten books of the series.

Win a If You Were Me and Lived Series

We are giving away 20 books: If You Were Me and Lived in Mexico, France, South Korea, Turkey, Norway, Kenya, Brazil, Cuba, Peru, Portugal, Australia, Egypt, China, Russia, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Scotland,Italy, and Germany.

Fill out the form below. I will be picking a random winner on September 17th at 11:59a. All entries will be verified.


  1. Italy

  2. Italy

  3. This series sounds awesome. What a great way to show your child different parts of the world, while at home!

  4. Debbie Sessions says:


  5. Marcia Rhinehart says:

    We would look at the material on Mexico.

  6. Angela Killingsworth says:

    We would definitely have to read Ancient Greece first!!

  7. Kristin Danielle Bush says:

    I am looking forward to reading about Israel and Italy. I wish they had one for India (top country on my bucket list).

  8. Gabriel M. Smithson says:

    I would LOVE to win this book, because I have been trying to find something such as this book to teach my children about other countries. I hope to be a LUCKY winner.

  9. We are about to start studying Brazil so that would be a perfect start!

  10. This would be fantastic with my son. I would probably start with America, You can never go wrong studying your own country but my next choices would be Isrial, Germany, Ireland and/or Austria/Hungry. All countries my grandparents came from.

  11. We would love to read about Norway first because it was the favorite country of my son who passed away this year.

  12. Norway-we have so many friends that live there!!

  13. Lisa Ellison says:

    Germany or India, but the ancient times ones look great too!

  14. Terri Patten says:

    We’re a homeschooling family and are late starting this year due to Hurricane Harvey coming to our area of Baytown,TX. I’m doing my best to instill a love for learning and reading in our children (ages 8,6,5,and 3) and not yet familiar with this author. If you are recommending her, I’m sure she’s amazing! We would love to go on this journey together and it would be fun to learn about any county. We are Scotch-Irish/Pennsylvania Dutch heritage and I married a man with German heritage. Learning about other countries and cultures is always a wonderful investment.

  15. Larissa veatch says:

    Would love to teach my kiddos about other cultures we also thought about hosting foreign exchange students 🙂

  16. Amy Hackett says:

    Norway as that’s where my family is from and it’s a cool (haha, cold) place. I would love to read them all!

  17. We would love to read Egypt. We always think of Egypt as the time of Joseph or Cleopatra, but how is it now?

  18. Greece

  19. Japan

  20. Angella Bledsoe says:

    I’d love to start with Israel.

  21. Italy, Greenland, Korea, Bangladesh, India, and Korea. One suggestion from each of my students.

  22. Dorothy Boucher says:

    South Korea but there are so many .

  23. Sharon L Anderson says:


  24. Amy Helfrich says:

    This is more affordable than a trip for my family of 6 to visit these places! We would have to visit Scotland first!

  25. Egypt

  26. Stephanie H. says:

    I would read and learn about Scotland first before reading the rest in the series.

  27. Cute idea.

  28. We would probably read about Germany first

  29. I think maybe we’d read about Israel first and tie that into our Bible study.

  30. Germany

  31. Rachel Tankersley says:

    This sounds great!

  32. Lisa Herring says:


  33. LeAnn Harbert says:

    We would read about Greece first.

  34. JC Lambourne says:


  35. We would read about India first as we have adopted children from India.

  36. China

  37. Greece!

  38. I would read about India, as we have many children in our school with that heritage.

  39. Rhoda Burrill says:


  40. What a great series! I would love to add them to my classroom library.

  41. Thanks for the weekly encouragement.

  42. Emily brooks says:


  43. Jan Sheppard says:


  44. Egypt

  45. We would choose France first as my daughter has been on a Paris kick this year!

  46. Germany would be amazing!!

  47. We’re planning on spending October on the continent of Africa, so I’d start there!

  48. My son said South Korea.

  49. Julia Soliday says:


  50. Patricia says:

    I wish I could find books or printables on Romania. I don’t understand why it’s not a popular country for kids to learn about…..

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