6 Tips to Help You Grow Strawberries!

Growing your own food is so fun! Not only do you get to see your crops grow up, but then you get to harvest and enjoy the results of your hard work! If you like to cook, that could mean a lot of delicious recipes, especially baked treats using your fresh fruits. If you dream of a delicious homegrown strawberry crop to cook with, but are worried about making mistakes, check out these 6 Tips to Help You Grow Better {Read More}

How to Make DIY Coconut Coffee Sugar Scrub!

Coffee is a natural skin brightener and temporarily minimizes cellulite. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer.   This coconut and coffee sugar scrub combines both of these benefits! Use generously in the shower to get your legs ready for summer!! It’s wonderful! How to Make DIY Coconut and Coffee Scrub INGREDIENTS 1 cup coffee 1/2 cup packed brown sugar 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1/2 cup coconut oil 2-3 drops Vitamin E oil Optional – 1 teaspoon vanilla extract DIRECTIONS 1.   In {Read More}

Easter Counting Activity

I love providing my children with hands on activities. It’s just makes learning so much more FUN and meaningful when you provide them with sensory activities. I picked up a few items on the Easter aisle at Walmart last week and decided that I would make the princess something to help her with her basic counting. She knows her numbers, but found the activity a lot of FUN. I’m sure the jelly beans had a tad bit to do with it, {Read More}

Tons of Free Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids

Easter is almost upon us. Hard to believe how fast this year is flying. I love this time of the year. Spring has sprung, and new life is on full display. With spring comes Easter, which is a favorite time for us. It is the time that we remember Christ’s resurrection and all He has done for us. It is also a time that we enjoy having fun spending time together doing memorable things like creating easy and fun Easter {Read More}

5 Tips for Finding Grants for College

Finding grants for college is a unique process that does require some hard work. If you’d rather not pay a ton of money for college, then you’ll want to find as many grants as you can. Scoring well on your college admission exams is definitely a plus for scoring a grant. Keep in mind that a grant is something that you don’t pay back. So, once you land a grant, it’s yours to keep. Although there may be some conditions {Read More}