FREE Unit Study Planner Printable Set

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Unit Studies are an effective method of teaching in the classroom or homeschool setting. It’s always nice to take a break from the curriculum and study something in-depth of interest. I like to use unit studies when we are burned out or just need a refresher from the monotonous days that sometimes tend to happen in the middle of the school year.

However, the unit study planning can be a bit overwhelming, so we created a unit study planner printable set to help you plan your very own unit study the way you desire.

It doesn’t have to stress you out. Just have fun with the planning and only work on a few days at a time instead of spending all week planning.

Free Unit Study planner. You can successfully plan you very own unit study with these printables. No stress planning.

This unit study planner has a total of 38 pages. Print all or just the ones you need. The planner pages include the following:

  • Supply list
  • Reading List
  • Movie list
  • Field Trip 
  • Vocabulary
  • Daily Unit Study planning sheets  – Day 1-20
  • Daily Assignments

Once you plan your first unit study, you will be anxious to complete the next one. It’s really fun.

I created this unit study planner for our email subscribers. Fill out the form below and you will receive the PDF instantly via email. Please check your spam folders. I create several weekly freebies, so you always have something to look forward to.


I hope you have fun planning your next unit study with this simple unit study planner. It works well for our family. 


  1. Nina Lutz says:

    In the unit study planner, starting with Day 1, I see you have used the word “objections”. Is that the word you meant to use? Or should it be “objectives”?

  2. Lis Engwall says:

    Thanks! These look great!

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