FREE Teach Your Family to Play the Soprano Recorder – Limited Time(5.99 value)


I am super EXCITED to partner up with Marcia Washburn to offer you this FUN and informative eBook, Teach Your Family to
Play the Soprano Recorder.  This is a 5.99 value!

Looking for an inexpensive way to teach music reading?

Can’t afford an expensive instrument?

Don’t know how to read music yourself?

Let Marcia show you how anyone can learn to play the soprano recorder. This is an introductory book–even easier to use than the beginner books you see in the music stores and online.

Every step is clearly described so even non-musicians can easily teach their children to play. Teach Your Family to Play the Soprano Recorder is based on Marcia’s method of teaching large groups to play the recorder. She gives you the precise words that she uses in her classes so you can teach your children in your own home.

Includes advice and links for:

·         Recorders–what kind to buy & where
·         Follow-up instruction books
·         Listening selections to inspire you
·         31 pages in convenient e-book format

Hurry!  Offer is only good thru October 22nd.

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  1. I love this! Thank you for this incredible resource — I am sharing on my FB page!!


  2. Terri Baehr says:

    Jill, I didnt receive your weekly newsletter, my email is not sure what happened, but I would love to get this freebie for my girls in their homeschooling.

  3. I too am on your e-mail list & did not recieve the message with the code in it. Thank you for this offer, I am very interested in it!

  4. I am already an email subscriber but I did not receive the email today. Thank you for your time.

  5. I did not see an email from you today either.

  6. I can’t find the email, also with the code

  7. I am already a subscriber as well, and did not receive the code. Thank you very much for offering this. May God bless y’all. 😀

    Mrs. J

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