FREE Scripture Adventures- A Passover 2014 Celebration for Christian Families!

scripture adventures

Scripture Adventures is offering their A 2014 Passover Celebration for Christian Families for FREE.

We enjoyed their Thanksgiving study back in the Fall, so we are super excited about this study!


Passover for Christian Families¬†is a unique way to help your family celebrate the life of Jesus. Passover is a holiday first celebrated by the children of Israel to help them remember their miraculous deliverance out of the hands of the wicked Pharoah to freedom. Traditionally, a special meal was shared by the family and the story of God’s deliverance is retold. The Israelites looked forward to a time when a Savior would come to them to deliver them from spiritual bondage to freedom. Jesus was that “Passover lamb.” He came to the world and delivered us from sin and spiritual death. His sacrifice is what makes us spiritually free!

Today, Jews all over the world still celebrate Passover in their traditional way. They do not accept that Jesus was the promised Savior. However, as Christians, we know that Jesus died for our sins and that he was resurrected. When we hold a Passover meal with our family, we can think about Jesus’ sacrifice for us. If you want to learn more about the customs and history of the Passover and learn how to celebrate it with your Christian family to help you remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, download and print our¬†Passover for Christian Families Packet. Included is a guide to foods to prepare and a script that kids can participate in!

Celebrate Christ by holding a 2014 Christian Passover feast with your family!

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