FREE Preschool Curriculum – Reading the Alphabet!


Head on ove r to The Reading Mama  to grab this FREE Preschool curriculum.  She created this for her own children!  It is such a blessing!

The curriculum covers the following areas:

  1. Review and Application of Letters & Their Sounds (not in ABC order)
  2. Introduction and Practice with Beginning Sight Words (such as: the, a, see, I, etc.) 
  3. Phonological & Phonemic Awareness (playing with sounds in words)
  4. Book & Print Awareness (introducing vocabulary such as: title, word, period, etc.)
  5. Fine Motor Skills (cutting, gluing, tracing, beginnning handwriting-formation of letters)
  6. Numbers 1-20 & Patterns
  7. Reading/Matching Basic CVC Words (via word families); this starts after the first vowel (a) is introduced

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What are you doing for the preschool years?


  1. Jill, thank you so much for sharing this curriculum with your readers! What a blessing. 🙂

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