Teaching prefixes and suffixes in fifth grade are required in our state. It’s also important that students learn them to expand their vocabulary by using context clues in texts. Last year I didn’t have a well-organized way to add prefixes and suffixes into our curriculum, so I decided to create these free prefixes and suffixes posters that wouldn’t exhaust or overwhelm my students.

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I’m going to hang (I use magnets)the prefix and suffix posters on my dry-erase board. Each week we will have a new prefix and suffix to master. Every quarter we will have a quiz on them. This way they aren’t memorizing a whole bunch of them at once.

Also, I included an interactive notebook page for my students to add to their phonic notebooks. I will have students glue several pages for suffixes and several pages for prefixes and they will just add to them weekly.

I laminated my posters but you could easily print them on card stock and switch them out weekly in a page protector.

What’s included in this free prefixes and suffixes poster packet?

  • (1) suffix poster with definition
  • (1) prefix poster with definition
  • (1) interactive notebook page
  • (15) suffixes posters
  • (21) prefixes posters

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