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old testament bible curriculum


Scripture Adventures is offering my readers this Full Old Testament Bible Curriculum. It’s a 19.99 value!

Scripture Adventures in the Old Testament is a full curriculum product that takes you on an engaging journey of the history of God’s people from the Creation to Divided Israel.

Your children will learn about the faith of David, the righteousness of King Josiah, the patience of Job in his trials, the covenant God made with Israel, and much more.

Lessons feature readings from the Bible ( NIV version), creative writing assignments, hands-on projects, presentations for kids to give to the family, Old Testament maps, memory verses, and directions for a Passover feast. 287 page workbook with Bible readings

Old Testament Curriculum Includes:

  • Memory verses 
  • Historical Bible maps 
  • Hands-on projects 
  • Review puzzles and games 
  • Charts and timelines 
  • Copy work 
  • Creative writing assignments 
  • Beautiful artwork 
  • Chronological study through the Old Testament 

Hurry! This FREEbie is only available thru Thursday, September 4th!

To grab the FREEbie, please fill out the form below and you will receive the download code via email. Please note you will be added to our weekly newsletter and Scripture Adventures will receive your email when you get the freebie. Please email me at if you do not receive your confirmation code within 24 hours. Many people have received the code in their spam folder, so please check your junk mail.

Please note this FREEbie is only available in the NIV Version!

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  1. Thanks for this freebie alert – educational freebies are the best!

  2. I found my code in my junk mail!!

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