FREE My Extreme Weather Plan & Checklist!

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I love this FREEbie because we often have tornadoes in our neck of the woods.

The key is to make sure you put this in a place where they can locate it easily.  Also, it will might help avoid any panic that tends to take place in emergencies.


Hurricane season affects much of the eastern/southeastern United States from June 1 – November 30. Use our extreme weather plan & checklist to learn a little more about severe weather preparedness and hurricane season!

This 6-page printable eBook includes:

  • Checklist of Supplies
  • Family Plan
  • Hurricane Basics
  • Watch vs. Warning – Know the Difference
  • Additional Safety Information
  • Extreme Weather Word Search
  • Atlantic Hurricane Names
  • Weather Riddler
  • Family Emergency Plan Printable Cards

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