FREE Jesse Tree and Christmas Devotions!

Jesse Tree Ideas and Christmas devotions

Each year we strive to have Christmas family devotions and/or a Jesse Tree activities in order to keep our focus on Christ each evening after supper.  We light our advent wreath candles and all cuddle on the couch.  We pray after our family Christmas devotions for numerous people that the Lord has laid on our hearts.

Our favorite Christmas devotional series is Jotham’s Journey trilogy series.  We are going to read the last of the trilogy Tabitha’s Travlels, this year.

However, we have done many free Jesse Trees and Christmas devotions in the past.  And the result is the same….Keeping Jesus as the center of our busy holiday season.

I pray that you will make it a tradition to initiate a family devotional time each day as a family.

Your family will be truly blessed.

Jesse Tree and Christmas Devotions

We are all human and have responsibilities and sometimes we have to miss our evening Christmas Devotions time as a family, but we double up the next night.  The key is to keep going, and don’t let Satan deceive you by thinking your family is too busy.  He wants you to give up the Jesse Tree and Christmas devotions all together.
Don’t let Satan win!
May you ponder the greatest gift of them all….Jesus!

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  1. Advent is such a special time of year! In my family, we celebrate with a Jesse Tree. I made a felt set of ornaments. At the end of this month we will begin hanging one each day and reading the Bible verses that go with each symbol as we look forward to and anticipate Jesus’ birthday. Jesse Tree ornaments make a fantastic gift and are beautiful just to decorate your tree.

  2. For those that are interested in getting started on a Jesse tree without a lot of preparation, I have free printable black and white Jesse tree symbols to print and colour at my blog:

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