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FREE hundred chart puzzles printables

My son is reviewing the hundred chart this summer.

Since my 6-year-old loves puzzles, I decided to make mastering the hundred chart fun for him.  And it’s definitely a challenge!

I created these FREE hundred chart puzzles printables to share with you all, too.

FREE hundred chart puzzles

Here’s how it works

  • Print and laminate one of the hundred charts on card stock – my 6 year old uses the printable without the numbers, but younger ones can use the printable with the numbers on it to make it easier
  • Print the (3) different 100 charts on colored card stock
  • Cut each of the charts into puzzle pieces – the larger the pieces, the easier the puzzle
  • Since all my puzzle pieces were on the same colored card stock, I wrote a number on the back  of each set to avoid mixed up puzzle pieces
  • I stored each puzzle set in a snack pack baggie

These puzzles will help them count by 2, 5, and 10’s.

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