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These are the kinds of freebies that you save for later even if your kiddo isn’t quite into fractions yet.


This WorkText is designed to be used as a supplement to teach fractions to students in early elementary years. It offers concept reviews which are concise with “to-the-point” explanations, and demonstrations of concepts with sample problems to ensure your student fully understands how to apply concepts to real world math problems

This WorkText also contains Worksheets and Worksheets Answer Key for each one of the subject areas in early elementary fractions. The problems on worksheets allow extra practice with problem solving to further enhance student’s understanding of the MATH concepts.

Please use the space provided under each problem on the worksheets to show your work. We highly encourage you to use this space to list the step-by-step process your student follows in arriving at their solution.

The main subject areas covered in this worktext are:

  • 1.1 Introduction to Fractions
  • 1.2 Identifying Fractions
  • 1.3 Writing Fractions
  • 1.4 Fractions Using Objects
  • 1.5 Equivalent Fractions – Part 1
  • 1.6 Equivalent Fractions – Part 2
  • 1.7 Writing Equivalent Fractions
  • 1.8 Comparing Fractions
  • 1.9 Adding Fractions
  • 1.10 Subtracting Fractions

Need more FREE Fraction help?  This is worth 11.95, so grab it while it’s FREE.

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