blessed beyond a doubt affiliate disclosure2 I am making tons of FUN free Kindergarten printable worksheets for the princess who is excited about learning to read this year.

She is having so much joy in participating and filling out her own calendar notebook this year with her older brothers.

preschool homeschool worksheetsOur goal this homeschool year is to learn all the sounds of the alphabet. I always start with the lower case letters because it bugs me when children write their name in all caps. Teaching the lower case letters first has seem to help with my pet peeve with my older children.

There are 26 FREE Draw the Sound printable worksheets. Each worksheet has at 4 spaces for the student to draw and write words that begin with that sound. 

FUN, huh?

Take a peek?

Draw the Picture

My daughter is putting these in her alphabet notebook that she is creating this year. It’s nothing formal, but just a place she can keep all her abc’s worksheets to browse and review. She has fun during quiet time playing with her  ABC playdough mats.

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