Double Digit addition usually is taught in the first grade. I thought it might be fun to make some FUN double digit addition worksheets with coloring images that might spark an interest in the students.

Grab these free double digit worksheets geared towards first graders.

There are a total of 3 pages in this double digit addition worksheet packet. I usually have students work on one per week until they have mastered the double digit addition facts. You can always repeat the worksheets if they are still having issues. 

It’s alway helpful to practice their facts with fun flashcards. My children used to love this little math deviceand mastered their facts promptly. 

Check out the MUST HAVE math resources for the elementary years. I have used all these math resources when homeschooling my children. Now I use them in my classroom. I love making math fun.

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Thank you for pinning these fun double digit addition worksheets for others to enjoy!