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Research has shown, by developing fine motor skills, children have a greater ability to learn, comprehend, and develop.

I’m a veteran homeschool mom who absolutely adored teaching my children at home. However, life changed and I am now a third grade self-contained public school teacher.

My children have been having so much FUN with Drawn to Discover this summer. Drawn to Discover  manifest creativity and self confidence through interactive ENRICHMENT video lessons built to develop fine motor skills into cognitive growth. My children enjoyed learning at their pace. My older son(11) is very creative and absolutely loves drawing. My daughter(8) enjoys drawing, but doesn’t have a natural knack for it like my son.

Totally free art lessons that teach fine motor skills and incorporate all subjects. Have your child start today! This is perfect for the homeschool or classroom setting.

My children can now draw….science, math, language arts, geography, history, handwriting, and more.

Drawn to Discover has been the perfect fit for both my children. Each of them started with the  block one video lesson that taught them the following:  Fine Motor Skills (The Pencil Grip), Self-Confidence, Creativity, Vocabulary and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math). The video lessons are geared towards ages 4-11.

Totally free art lessons that teach fine motor skills and incorporate all subjects. Have your child start today! This is perfect for the homeschool or classroom setting. is one of the first projects that my son worked on. 

Isn’t amazing?

All the lessons are taught by Wendy Anderson Halperin, renowned children’s book artist and author, and are built for home study and enrichment but are also suited for the classroom. 

Totally free art lessons that teach fine motor skills and incorporate all subjects. Have your child start today! This is perfect for the homeschool or classroom setting.

I plan on using this program in my classroom this year. I will encouraging the children to draw the projects and write a paragraph about their pictures.

It is encouraged to start from the beginning of the lessons because each lessons builds upon one another. My children found the videos very informative, fun, and engaging. After the children finish the series of the block lessons ,they will have completed a little book. This was a treat for my children since I am very big into notebooking.

I loved the fact that all I had to do to prep my children for Drawn to Discover was to make sure they had basic supplies such as the suggested printed copies, crayons, and pencils.

I strongly believe in the mission behind Drawn to Discover.

Drawn to Discover Mission

Children CAN learn how to draw. When they develop those abilities their handwriting improves, their visual and spacial understanding improves, they are more confident, and their self esteem improves. This project connects children to there possibilities. Children use their fingers and learn to love their pencil. HAPPINESS is our magic ingredient. 

Totally free art lessons that teach fine motor skills and incorporate all subjects. Have your child start today! This is perfect for the homeschool or classroom setting.My daughter always had a little trouble drawing a simple heart and was thrilled when she mastered the skill in the first lesson. 

I encourage your child to have fun with these FREE Lessons before you commit to Drawn to Discover. The lessons are an excellent example of the overall quality of the video lessons.

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Drawn to Discover Giveaway

Drawn to Discover is giving away (2) annual memberships to Blessed Beyond a Doubt’s readers. Simply follow this link and tell us what interests you the most about Drawn to Discover and include your email in the comment section. I will be picking two random winners on Sunday, August 12th at 11:59 pm. 

I hope your children enjoyed Drawn to Discover as much as mine do. It’s truly a treat for my kiddos.


  1. My 3rd grader & I tried some sample art projects and really enjoyed the process. The teaching style was very relaxed and easy to follow. The projects were grade appropriate but interesting. It would be a great addition to our curriculum.

  2. Camille Lopez says:

    Wow, what a great looking program. I love how it guides them with school applications! That can be a road block for my kids with note booking. I hope we win!!!

  3. Magda Miller says:

    My daughter would truly benefit from a program like this. She needs help with motor skills and anything that can incorporate art into other subjects would help hold her attention.

  4. Sara Brown says:

    I couldn’t find the place to put why I’m really interested in Drawn to Discover, so I’ve decided to write it here and hope you see it. If not, I guess I missed it.

    I’m really interested in Drawn to Discover for a few reasons. The first reason is my students. They are amazing little people, dealing with some incredible challenges. I teach a class for students with special needs, many of whom struggle greatly with the idea of writing or drawing, because it takes them a lot more effort than most other kids. I’m interested to see if a program like this would help them not only improve their ability to draw, but also improve their enjoyment.

    The second reason is my oldest daughter. She just turned 16, and she is really creative, but has always struggled with drawing. She also has always done really well in school – until last year. If we could improve her ability to draw and link it to her education, I’m certain that she would excel once again.

    The third and final reason is my second daughter, who just turned 10. She has always been a more average student, and while creative, she definitely does not have the talent that my older daughter has. If we could help improve her ability to draw and at the same time improve her grades, she would soar.

    Thank you so much!!


  5. Wonetta Patton says:

    My email is wonettap at gmail dot com. What interests me most with Drawn to Discover is that my daughter loves to do hands-on things and this would be great. She can learn while having “fun” and right now she thinks homeschooling is not all that great. I’m constantly seeking new things to change her perspective but still allow her to learn. It states it:
    Develops fine motor skills promoting cognitive growth and language development.
    Builds observational skills and attention to detail.
    Increases confidence, creativity, and problem solving skills.

    She needs ALL of that! Her problem solving skills are almost non-existent as well as her attention to detail. I just want her to grow, learn and be interested so she can retain what she learns. We are low-income so that doesn’t help because we are penny pinching to get things but I know HS is better for her because of the constant issues with bullying, negligent staff over a course of multiple grades, and the fact that she remembers a few things from school (mostly projects and hands-on things) but nothing else. So, I am trying to tailor to her learning style.

  6. Dineen Ford says:

    When you shared this site several days ago, I was impressed with Ms Wendy’s warm-up, encouraging voice, and belief that anyone can draw.

  7. This would be great to do with my kids.

  8. We also have one natural artist and one that struggles with figuring out the basics. Its hard to find activities where both can succeed at their own pace, which don’t feel too “crafty” to the “artist” yet have detailed enough instructions for the “rule follower” to feel comfortable. One recent win has been the Ed Emberly books–they’re so silly that both kids have a blast. This course looks like another promising tool with the potential to draw both in!

  9. I like how it uses art and creativity to improve handwriting, that’s a great idea!

  10. This program seems like it could help my family in areas in which I am severely lacking! Art. Drawing. Fun! 😁

  11. I like how it integrates art in every subject. Such a cool program!

  12. This looks like a wonderful resource! A great way to futher connect with subject they are studying. A great way to refine motor skills and support cognitive development.

  13. Rachael Hunter says:

    I like that it can increases confidence, creativity, and problem solving skills.

  14. So wonderful that it touches on multiple subjects!

  15. BillieJo Austin says:

    This looks amazing. I love how it would work for multiple ages/grades/sexes. As a homeshooling mother with for students ages 5, 8, 11 (the only boy)and 13; curriculum that can be used by all of them is almost the “Holy Grail” of curriculum. lol The unique approach to so many subjects is equally impressive. I would truly love to have memberships for all four of my kiddos.

  16. Gi Jewett says:

    It’s amazing program! We are trying learn draw more, but is so hard find good material with instructions for little ones! I’m in love with possibilities for journaling with this program!

  17. Sarah Melendez says:

    My oldest LOVES to draw and the others want to draw like her. I’m most interested in how Drawn to Discover could help my youngers learn to draw AND also teach everyone other skills as well!

  18. Staci Sharp says:

    This looks like an incredible program. One, it’s awesome just because it doesn’t deal with a screen! I like the story writing aspect and think that will really help my daughter get her ideas on paper. Mostly, though, I think the growth with her focus and observation skills would be the best benefit. Such a great giveaway, thank you for doing it!

  19. Like how this program incorporates all kinds of subjects with the beauty of drawing. We would be grateful to win such a unique and wonderful program. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  20. I really like combining subjects. I try to look for that in all that we teach!
    thank you!!

  21. Denise Mabie says:

    I love how she uses drawing to strengthen fine motor skills and teach all the subjects. Her method also helps strengthen the habit of attention.

  22. Judith Martinez says:

    This looks like it would be a great tool for my ASD 15 year old. His therapist is working to help him improve his small motor skills.

  23. Haley Aldrich says:

    I like that it combines subject learning with art AND fine motor skills!

  24. Jeannette says:

    My oldest hand writing is iffy and I feel like this program would help her a lot to make it legible

  25. Charlene Morrow says:

    It looks like a great way to develop fine motor skills and have fun.

  26. Amy Ezell says:

    My daughter loves to draw but struggles with learning. This would help her so much to utilize her strength to learn.

  27. my daughterloves to draw and would love this class.

  28. My kids enjoy drawing; this looks like it might be a good fit for us!

  29. I love how it pulls from so many subjects.

  30. Shannon R says:

    My 5 children love to draw, I’d love for them to learn about drawing techniques. They are always asking me for help, and I am NOT an artist, art is not my thing. So this would be an awesome addition to our homeschool! I really enjoyed the videos that I watched, she really teaches the student each step, and the reason for each step. That is fantastic, I know my children would greatly benefit from this program, as would I 😊. Thank you!

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