FREE ABC Scavenger Hunt List!

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FREE ABC scavenger hunt list

My children get excited anytime I hand over a scavenger hunt list. And I get excited because it keeps them busy for a while.

I decided to come up with an ABC scavenger hunt list for my little ones.  My 6 year old can practice writing his letters when he finds  an object that starts with that particular sound.  For more advanced children, they can actually write the object in the blank that they find.

There are no REAL rules, just have FUN!

They can work as a team or have a race.

I thought it might be fun for them to put all the objects in a basket or they could take a picture of the object if it’s too large.

This is a simple learning activity that can be played during rain or shine.

Do your kiddos like when you give them a scavenger hunt list, too?


  1. This looks fun! I’m trying hard to think of what my boys could find that start with the harder letters like Q, U, and Z. I’m thinking Queen (we have a castle set), umbrella (duh, me!) 🙂 and zebra (one of my boys loves plastic animals. Do you have any more suggestions? I guess the kids are usually better at thinking up things sometimes.
    I’m definitely going to use this. Thanks! 🙂

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