Teaching Our Children the Godly Famous Composers

color the classics

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Can your children recognize the famous Godly composers when they hear a piece of their music?

I have to admit, I am a bit challenged when it comes to the fine arts and I was never exposed to classical music growing up.  I do however want my children to appreciate the Godly composers from our past.

My goal is not to necessarily make them Classical Music lovers, but simply to make them aware of what is defined as pleasant music to the ear and what is acceptable to the Lord.

Color the Classics: Godly Composer is such a fun way to introduce your family to the famous composers that dedicated their music gift to the Lord.  This simple, but thorough curriculum will help your children to understand the history behind the pieces of timeless music.

There are (4) composers introduced in this book: Vivaldi, Bach, Handel, and Haydn.

Each composer has 7 simple lessons that includes the biography and interesting facts, as well as vocabulary words.  Included in the book are several coloring pages to go along with the lessons.  The 55 minute CD that is included in this bundle consists of 3 pieces of music from each composer.  Also, there is a very helpful timeline at the end of the book and suggested resources to expand on your study for the older children.

How Color the Classics works for our Family


Our entire family has been enjoying the Color the Classics this past month.  We have been going over (2) lessons at a time.  I print out the appropriate coloring pages for each one of my children, including my high schoolers. The copyright terms allows you to print additional coloring pages for your own family. The younger ones enjoy coloring the pages during the lesson, as well as, listening to the music by the composer after the lesson.  The older children write notes on the back of the coloring sheet and are required to find additional information about each composer we study either on the Internet or books that we have collected in our library.

I am going to require my high schoolers to write an essay on their favorite Godly composer after we finish the book.  I also encourage my little ones to complete a notebook page after we study each composer.  They also put their coloring pages in their history notebooks.

My younger children absolutely adore listening to the CD before they go to bed each night.

I plan on purchasing each one of the Color the Classics books and accompany CDs.  After we complete all (4) books, I will be giving my high schoolers a fine art credit.

Color the Classics has been such a FUN and entertaining way to teach my children music appreciation.  And it’s little to no prep for me.

Buy It

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Your children will enjoy coloring while learning the Godly famous composers.



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