Every Child Needs a Personalized Children’s Book!

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I love reminiscing with personalized chiclren's books!

Books have always been a big part of our home and daily activity. I’ve been reading to my children since they day they came home from the hospital.

I have fond memories of my own sweet mother reading to me and I have followed in her footsteps with my own habit of reading to my children. In  fact, my mother saved all of my childhood books for me to share with my own children. Yes, they are considered antiques. They are worth a million to me.

Save the books that your children have loved for their own children.

I can’t wait to hand down the books that my children spent hours looking at during their childhood when they have children of their own. I think it would be so neat to hand them a stack of books with their own personalized childhood book on top for their own family to enjoy. I have a vision to wrap these books and present them to their new family at the day of their first child’s birth. 


With these I See Me personalized board books and accessories, your children will delight in learning about all the different animals that live on the farm and discovering the sounds each makes! Your child will also love seeing his or her photo and name incorporated into the illustrations for years to come!

Each one of my children has a little personalized book that they can call their own, but I keep it in a safe place for now. In the years ahead they will appreciate their little library for their own family. I can hardly wait!

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