Amazon’s Top 8 Crock-Pot Recipe Cookbooks

I am in an extremely busy time in my life, so time is always in short supply. I am also in the middle of a move, so I have part of my kitchen packed up. This is possible because I utilize my handy crock pot for a lot of our meals. Feeding my family healthy meals is also really important to me, but I don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen most days. I love being {Read More}

Amazon’s Top 8 Budget Friendly Cookbooks!

If  you are like me, dinner is not your favorite task to tackle each day, but it is something that has to be done. After becoming a single mom to a large family, I had to get on a strict food budget. Being on a strict budget doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthy, it just means you must plan. I find that if I make a 3 week rotation on meals, it helps me stay on budget. It’s much easier {Read More}

Homemaking Just Got Easier!

  I’m just going to be honest here. I am totally digging the ultimate homemaking bundle! It’s incredible! So many resources to keep you busy for a life time. And guess what? My Christmas Planner 2015 is included in this magnificent ultimate homemaking bundle! Boasting rant is over!  Here are the topics/books that are covered in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundles that consists of 100 resources for less than 30.00! Homeschooling Cleaning Work at Home Audio E Courses DIY Finances Menu {Read More}

Organizing Your Digital Stockpiles

Hi everyone, It is really great to live in the modern days as we can get more resources to equip ourselves in homeschooling, homemaking, marriage, parenting, etc that we can access anywhere and anytime. I mean by resources here is the digital books and mp3, that I call as digital stockpiles. Even you can build up a private or family library that is more complete than the physical library. With the presence of sophisticated gadgets and online marketing, the possibility {Read More}

FREE 4th of July Printable & History Book

Here’s a super fun freebie to celebrate the 4th of July when you complete a short reader survey. This book is full of super cute, warm and family-friendly graphics as well as a wonderful lesson about how the United States won it’s independence. The book will also introduce your child to the “Star-Spangled Banner.” Including a song in a teachable story like the one surrounding Independence Day is sure to make a lasting impression with young children and help them {Read More}