DIY Snowman Mason Jar

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Let’s face it! Everyone has a sweet tooth during the holidays.

And if you don’t you’re a Scrooge.

Super easy and cute DIY snowman mason jar. It's the perfect little gift for the ones that you're not sure if you should buy a gift for or not.

We also all have those people that we aren’t sure if we should buy a gift for or not.

You know the ones like Aunt Sally who you haven’t seen in ten years and she will be at your parent’s house for their annual holiday gathering. 

We all have a few of those every year.

This super easy DIY Snowman Mason Jar is perfect for those not so sure people on your gift list. Not to mention they are so cute, too. Just fill it up with your favorite holiday candy and you have the perfect little gift.


snowman mason jar 5_supplies

Materials Needed


snowman mason jar 4

 Start by hot glueing 3 black buttons down the center of your mason jar

snowman mason jar 3

Now hot glue a piece of ribbon around the top of your jar, and criss cross the ribbon of the front side and hot glue together

snowman mason jar 2

Hot glue a piece of your holly confetti onto the criss crossed “scarf”

It’s that easy!

Now you can fill your jar with your favorite holiday candy. Peppermints and M&Ms look cute in the DIY snowman mason jar, too.

This is one of those simple DIY crafts that you will want to print and save in your Christmas Planner.

Who will you be making these simple DIY snowman mason jar little gifts for this holiday season?

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