DIY Invitations, Announcements, and Thank You Cards

This is sponsored post written on behalf of MyPrintly.

Oh my! I had a blast creating my daughter’s thank you notes for her friends that came to celebrate her 5th birthday.

It was so easy, and very cost-effective, too!

DIY Invitations

Have you heard of MyPrintly, which offers an exciting array of DIY projects, ideas and tools? If you aren’t the most creative minded mom like me, you will love visiting their site for crafts and printing solutions, from party decor to suggestions for turning your photos into cherished keepsakes.

The projects are endless, so grab a cup of tea. 

My DIY first project that I created on MyPrintly was these adorable little thank you cards. I wanted them girly, but simple so my five year old could put her signature on them with a sharpie to make them a bit more personal. 2

I simply went over to myprintly and downloaded the photo creations onto my computer. It only took a few minutes. Next, I imported my chosen photo of the Princess, and chose the customizable design. I messed around a bit with the fonts to get it exactly the way I wanted on her cute thank you cards. I put the blank photo cards in my printer, and selected print.


It was fun and easy. Trust me, I’m not techy, and I found it simple to create and print without any dismay. 

And it’s so FUN! Not to mention it’s much cheaper to print them from your home than having to have them printed and shipped to your home.

I can’t wait to use my photos with all the free customizable designs. Seriously, there are hundreds of options on 

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I bet you didn’t know DIY invitations, announcements, or thank you cards could be so easy and cost-effective, huh?

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