10 Best Places to get Discount Homeschool Resources!

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discount homeschool resources

Finding discount homeschool resources is imperative to homeschool families.

Most of us have decided to live on one income in a two income world.  We as Christians have an obligation to be good stewards of our family’s money.

I often like to give our money to the vendor themselves if I agree with their statement of faith, especially if they are a homeschool family themselves.  Often homeschool curriculum vendors are homeschool families trying to bring in extra funds to support their homeschool journey.  I want to support them if I am able.

However, sometimes it is not possible to pay directly from the vendor due to various reasons.  For instance, the curriculum might be out of print, etc. or money might be tight.

9 Top Places to find Discount Homeschool Resources

  1. Hearts at Home Discount Curriulum – is actually owned by a sweet friend of mine.  There are over 10,000 items to choose from that are up to 30% off.  Also, they have fast shipping.  And did I mention that I adore Carrie, the homeschool mom owner?  These products are all new items at low discount prices.
  2. Amazon – this is usually my last resort because I don’t agree with every item that they sell, nor do they care how I feel about their inappropriate material.  However, I have found some really good prices for discount homeschool resources.  You usually have a choice of purchasing new or used.
  3. Currclick – they always have great specials on downloadable items.  You can request to be notified of discounts  that your favorite vendors are promoting by email. I also frequnetly post many freebies that they offered by Currclick.  However, sometimes they are hard to find,  I usually have to dig for the freebies.  So follow us, and leave the digging to us.
  4. Christian Book Distributors – I have found many of my favorite curriculum’s here at low prices.  They offer many items to choose from.
  5. Rainbow Resource Center– they carry over 40,000 products.  They offer free shipping on orders over 50.00 to US residents.
  6. Vegsource – these are all used resources by individuals.  If you are able to find what you need, the prices are usually very fair.  However, there is not a search button on the site which makes it very time consuming.  I have only had (1) bad experience with an item that was lost in the mail and I was out a 100.00.  I paid insurance, too.  So you are taking a risk.  But all of my other experiences have been wonderful.
  7. Homeschool Classfieds – is similar to Vegsource except their site is much easier to navigate and search what you are looking for quickly.
  8. Homeschool Buyers Co-op – this site requires a membership, but it’s free.  There are other benefits from becoming a free member, too. They offer new and used curriculum for members.
  9. HSLDA Market – this site requires you to be a member of HSLDA.  It’s similar to eBay, meaning the curriculum’s are offered as an auction.  Highest bidder wins.
  10. Blessed Beyond a Doubt – I  offer a weekly newsletters with the most recent discount homeschool resources available, as well as a list of FREE resources.  The newsletter comes out on Friday evenings.

And course stick around and join our facebook community with over 12,000 fans where we offer free resources everyday!

Feel free to bookmark and pin this list of discount homeschool resources.  Also, leave a link in the comment where you find discount homeschool resources.


  1. Danielle Hull says:

    Timberdoodle! They have a smaller, tried and true selection. And great hands-on games and activities for all ages!

  2. Carrie Duncan says:

    http://www.mardel.com keeps several curriculums on discount regularly and they have 3 sales throughout the year with almost all curriculum in sale (excluding vendors that contractually won’t allow it).

    There are also several Facebook swap groups and some Craigslists are active in the homeschool community. There are HS FSOT boards on lots of popular forums like The Well-Trained Mind Hive and diaperswappers.com. 🙂

  3. love Timberdoodle, and also love Teachers pay teachers(http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Browse/Price-Range/Free-Downloads), they create such fun and interesting graphics, and their free or really cheap sections are huge, love those teachers!!

  4. When I have children at home school age, I plan on using Sonlight, http://www.sonlight.com

    They offer so much interesting literature and a wide variety of subjects to help tailor your curriculum for each individual child. Not the cheapest, all-inclusive curriculum out there, but I think it’s well worth the money!

  5. I can’t find where the actual store is at the Hearts at Home site. And when I search inside the site it doesn’t come up with any results.


    • They must be working on their website. Sorry! I will update the link as soon as I find out the problem.

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