This dill pickle dip recipe is totally the bomb! I love trying new dips and appetizers during football season for my gang.

dill pickle dip recipe

I ended up eating half of this at lunch today. And I wonder why I have a weight problem. But I ate it with carrots instead of my favorite chips. So I guess it could be worse, right?

Dill Pickle Dip Recipe

dill pickle dip recipe


  • 2 pkgs of cream cheese, softened for an hour on counter
  • 1/2 lb of deli ham, diced
  • 16 oz dill pickles, finely chopped (reserve the juice)


In a large mixing bowl, blend cream cheese and ham. Add in dill pickles with some pickle juice. Blend well. Add more pickle juice until you get the consistency you prefer. Cover and chill until football game.

Serve with chips, pita chips, pretzels, or carrots.

Makes about 18-20 servings.

I am sure you will score some points with your hubbie if you make this during his special football game. Try making these Blue Cheese Dip and Fruit Dip for your man the next time you want a pair of shoes. 

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