Create a Thanksgiving Blessing Journal as a Keepsake!

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Eight years ago, I started a Thanksgiving Blessing journal for our family.  Each person that we celebrate and spend the day with on Thanksgiving is encouraged to write their blessings in the journal.

Thanksgiving Blessing Journal Keepsake

It travels with us.

Each one has it’s own unique handwriting they call their own.

A Thanksgiving Blessing Journal

Keepsakes that will be admired by generations.

Some entries short, some long.

I anticipate each Thanksgiving day reading and reminiscing the past blessings year after year.

It makes me laugh.

It makes me cry.

Oh, how grateful I am to serve such a mighty God who continues to bless my family year after year.

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  1. KayMarie Thomas says:

    This year we are starting a new tradition. I sent out invitations to friends and family for Thanksgiving with a leaf with each person’s name on it. On the back its says; “Today I am grateful for ____________ and under it I have “Thanksgiving Tree 2014. I have a big branch in a big old planting pot stuck in Plaster of Paris. decorated and top the plaster of Paris with moss from the dollar store. I make the leaves brown, like autumn from brown paper bags and the tie a cotton string. I think this is a fun way to remember to be thankful! 🙂

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