The Art of Copywork

My children practice the art of copywork to improve grammar, spelling, practice handwriting and to enhance their vocabulary.

Each week I give them either a paragraph from our Bible lesson, literature, poem of thought, or simply quotes from an admired citizen.

This can easily be done as a group.  The younger children might just right a word or a sentence, but the older ones can copy a longer passage.

This is the agenda that my children follow each week.

  • Monday ~ copy copywork in your neatest handwriting. Circle any words that might be a challenge in red.
  • Tuesday ~ Complete Spelling sheet for each challenging word. Complete one spelling activity.
  • Wednesday ~ we will discuss the grammar/punctuation of the paragraph as a group. Complete one spelling activity card.
  • Thursday ~ study copywork for your dictation test on Friday. Complete one spelling activity card.
  • Friday ~ Dictation test

If you are new to copywork, I suggest you start off your children with very small passages and work your way to longer passages as they progress.

I have created several copywork packs for my children.

Trivium Academy and Guest Hollow are a few of my favorite places to grab FREE copywork when I don’t create my own.