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Frog Painters Tape

One of the easiest ways to reinvent or personalize your living space is to paint the walls and for decades I have enjoyed painting walls and have become quite adept at cutting in with straight lines and avoiding the need to tape.  Now that solid walls have become bland there is a need for painters tape to assist in the transition between multiple paint colors across the wall surface.  

On the market are many options for painters tape and in many tape colors from blue to green.  Most painters tape will give you good results on smooth surfaces but when you need a tape for textured surfaces they fall short.  FrogTape® with Paint Block Technology® delivers the answer for textured surfaces.

I recently decided to take our basic bathroom with wainscoting and splatter-drag walls and bring a little color and life to such a mundane look.  The decision was to first find a color pattern that would complement the light tan wall and blend well with the vertical lines of the wainscoting.  Wide stripes of light tan and a complimenting warm brown became that answer.  Knowing that most tapes would have risk of bleed, I chose the Textured Surface by FrogTape which promises to deliver sharp lines on textured surfaces.


As I planned the width and layout of the stripes I took special note of the wall decorations that were planned and in an attempt to challenge the FrogTape Textured Surface further I decided to add a diamond element that would fall within the stripes.  



Materials & Tools:

  1. Latex interior paint (I kept the current paint and added the second color in the same sheen)

  2. FrogTape® Textured Surface with PaintBlock Technology

  3. 4” paint roller and pan

  4. 2 ½” angled sash brush

  5. Tape measure

  6. Pencil



  1. Determine the approximate width of the stripes you would like.

  2. Measure the width of the wall across the top and bottom.

  3. Calculate the number of stripes (both colors) that will fit into the width of your wall and adjust so that they are all equal or very close.

(example: my wall measured 108.75” and I chose 10” wide stripes.  This gave me nine stripes at 10” wide and two at 9 3/8” wide that will be on each end.  Only you and I know the secret!

  1. Layout on the wall with light pencil marks where the stripes will be.  You can also mark in the darker section the word, “dark” if it makes it easier to visualize.

(Tip: my wall measured shorter across the top than the bottom even with level walls so I began marking my stripes from the center of the wall going left and then right.

  1. Place the ®FrogTape Textured Surface on the outside edge of your marks for the stripes you plan to paint.  The stripe to be painted will be between two pieces of tape.

(Tip: cut tape longer than needed, gently apply at top and allow to hang without stretching.

  1. Burnish the edge of the tape where you will be painting with your finger and/or plastic card.



  1. Dampen tape edge and brush onto the burnished edge of the tape the Liquid PaintBlock Edge Sealer. 

  2. Wait 15 minutes before painting.

  3. Paint stripes between tape with roller and/or brush.



  1. Remove tape while paint is still wet.



  1. Clean your painting tools and enjoy your new look!



How FrogTape Textured Surface worked for me:

I am impressed with the FrogTape Textured Surface!  I am not a regular user of painters tape due to the time it takes to place the tape and the use of other brands that have failed me.  I found the FrogTape to have outstanding adhesion as well as be thin and flexible.  It was simple to burnish without any gaps.  I did follow the directions to a “T” which were clearly written and resulted in lines that were not only sharp but crisp.  I am satisfied that it delivers as promised and can’t wait for my next painting project.

Be sure to follow the FrogTape Textured Surface board on Pinterest for more creative ideas!

FrogTape® is treated with patented PaintBlock® Technology, a super absorbent polymer that reacts with the water in latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape, which helps prevent paint bleed.

What is your next project going to be with Textured Surface by Frog Tape®?

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