Christmas Family Traditions While Keeping Christ in Christmas

A List of Family Traditions: to help keep Christ in Christmas

Family Traditions

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season upon us, I turn my attention to the idea that I’d like to avoid much of the rush, and instead cultivate an atmosphere which reflects the true meaning of Christmas. I have made steps this direction more and more over the last few years, and this year I am determined to make even more progress. Our family traditions are a medley of those passed down, and those we want to pass down through our children. Many of our traditions revolve around food and enjoying family recipes we love, and ones that remind us of Christmas’s past. It’s important to me that we continue many of these traditions, but finding ways to do that while keeping the focus on Christ can be a challenge! From the shopping, the homeschooling, cleaning and preparing the house, cooking and decorating – not to mention parties and celebrations surrounding the season, it’s a busy time. It is easy to let the distractions steal the focus from Christ during this busy time.

Luke2:11 For unto you is born this day . . .

    How do we find ways to keep Christ in Christmas while accomplishing all that needs to be done? As I’ve begun to really focus on this idea and have chipped away at our plans to help them reflect a more peaceful and Christ-centered time of celebration, I’ve compiled a list that might help you do much of the same for your family.

12 simple ways to keep Christ in Christmas

  • Simplify the schedule as much as possible – cut anything that isn’t necessary. It really is OK to say “no”!
  • Shop early and plan ahead – avoid the last minute rush and panic.
  • Buy fewer gifts. (We really don’t need too many things)
  • Make thoughtful purchases instead of bulk purchases.
  • While cleaning and preparing the home for Christmas celebrations – make it a family affair, complete with Christmas music and carols about the King of Kings.
  • Begin and end the days with Scriptures about Christ and Christmas – read out loud as a family.
  • Prepare as much food ahead of time as possible to avoid last minute stresses.
  • Cook together as a family, even the kids can help chop, wash, and do food prep.
  • Keep it festive as you work: play Christmas music, read out loud, talk and discuss as a family the fact that Jesus is the reason for the season.
  • Focus homeschool studies on Christ and Christmas – Truth in the Tinsel, A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks, reading traditional literature.
  • Do crafts and decorations focused on Jesus – homemade ornaments, nativity scenes, Christ centered art projects and Christmas cards.
  • Serve others as Jesus did – volunteer as a family, make cards and cookies, Christmas Child boxes, shopping and donating to local kids in need.

I pray these ideas will bless your family, and help you head into the season with a plan of action so that while enjoying family traditions, you will maintain the ability to keep Christ in Christmas.

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