Christmas with Candles

I love Christmas, but it can be hard to keep the Reason for the Season at the forefront of our minds in the midst of all the hustle and bustle.

Find out the beauty you can capture this Advent season.

When our kids were small, I intentionally set about simplifying the craziness, and this is now a Christmas favorite.

From the beginning of Advent, all the way through Christmas night, we eat dinner by candlight. We turn off the pretty chandelier over the table and light two tapered candles at either end of the table. Sometimes we’ll light a scented jar candle and leave it on the counter nearby, too.

This wasn’t an easy tradition to start, as simple as it is.The toddlers had to be taught how to behave safely around the candles, for both wanted to blow and watch the flames dance. Now that they’re older, they watch in awe and laugh at Daddy, who’s become the flame-blowing culprit!

Eating dinner with flickering candles glowing all around us reminds us that Jesus is the light of the world. That no time is simple, but His message is; That He loves us enough to be born as a small baby in a Middle Eastern stable. The candles mark the night as a holy night, and we all long for and respect it.

You can celebrate with candles this Advent season, too! Find out how this simple tradition can bless your family.

Our conversations are quieter.

We laugh more.

Dinner is more relaxed and calm as we bask in the peace that Jesus provides.

The worries of presents and wrapping and parties and decorating fade away.

We are focused in on that soft, flickering light – the light that reminds us of what and Who is really important.

Candlelit dinners are definitely my favorite Christmas tradition.

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This post was written by Amy over at A Nest in the Rocks. 

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