Yes ~ I love to be organized! I thrive on it! In fact, I believe that God has blessed me with organization skills because I have a son who is ADD who MUST have structure, daily assignments and schedules. My schedule revolves around my planned schedule for him. If I didn’t have some sort of a daily routine, I would be doing my son injustice. For those of you who suffer or live with a family member who is ADD/ADHD are well aware of the benefits of sticking to a daily routine. Also, being a homeschool mommy of 5 almost perfect boys requires a lot of my time while striving to maintain a some what clean house.

I must admit I do suffer from sin when my schedule gets a little “OFF!” I am working on it! Things like dirty diapers, paint on the floor, toilet overflowing from your 2 year old stuffing the entire box of klennex down the comode are always interfering with my “planned daily schedule.” I must learn or accept that all things happened according to God’s plan.

On one of my Yahoo groups someone suggested this fun program to get your children organized. I havin’t implemented it yet. But plan to use it for the FREE 30 day trial period. Character Planner

Enjoy your weekend with all your blessings God has put in your path.