Teaching Character Education in the Homeschool

Character Education goes hand and hand with God’s Word.

The character we exhibit has a dramatic impact not only on how we treat our family and community members, but also has a direct role in our success in spreading the Gospel, as well as, becoming tomorrows leaders.

The We Choose Virtue homeschool faith based kit includes everything you need to train your children ages 3-12  in righteous biblical character that will instill timeless values.

What’s included in the Homeschool Kit?

    •  The Kids Virtue Poster
    •  The Three Rules Poster
    •  13 Parenting Cards
    •  3 Kids of Virtueville Mini Posters
    •  12 Flash Cards
    •  1 pad/25ct Virtue User Review
    • 100 Days of Virtue Chart and stickers

How it works for our family

Our family concentrates on one new virtue a week while reviewing the previous virtues.  With little or no prep time, and the suggested 10 minutes of teaching virtues each day, I am amazed how quickly my whole family learns and applies each new virtue!  Even though the curriculum is geared towards younger children, my high schoolers participate and help remind the little ones of the virtues when needed.  This will continue to be a constant work in progress!
Each Monday, I introduce the specific virtue card to the children.  The little ones color the virtue page from the FREE PDF coloring book that comes with the kit during our discussion time.  We talk about ways we can demonstrate the virtue and specific examples of neglecting to demonstrate the character trait.  It took several weeks for the children to recognize their struggles, but they are pin pointing their issues more freely each week.  We review the memory verse and parenting cards each day throughout the week.
We have the Three Rule Poster and Kid’s Virtue Poster on our refrigerator.  I continue to add the mini posters in our school room as we discuss new weekly virtues.  I recommend laminating them for longer use.

We will utilize the 100 Days Virtue Chart, stickers, and pad after we have completed all 12 virtues.  I love the concept that the whole family must demonstrate the virtue of the day in order to get a sticker.  This will encourage accountability.

I plan on purchasing a fun hat for the little ones to wear when they exhibit excellence virtue for the day.  This was a clever and fun idea that was suggested in the parent guide.

Results of We Choose Virtues in our Family

Last summer, my younger sons 7 and 5 were spending the week at my parents house.  They went to the pool and had to wait 3 hours until the thunder depleted.  Each time it thundered, they would say, “I’ll wait, and I’ll wait, and I”ll wait with a smile on my face.

They have more patience than their mama!

Also, my 3 year old repeats the virtue statements throughout the day.  She might not understand what they truly mean, but she will eventually.

Buy It

The We Choose Virtue Homeschool Faith Based Kit can be purchased for 98.99.  This program will be used year after year.

Win It

We Choose Virtues has graciously offered a  homeschool KIT-faith based to give to one of my readers. This is a $69.99 value!  I will be picking  a random winner on Friday, February 8 at 11:59p.  Winner will be contacted via email and must respond within 48 hours or another random winner will be picked.
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Start training your children in character education today!

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  1. Respect and obedience!

  2. Definately Patience 🙂 for everyone in the house! <3 What a fabulous giveaway!

  3. I think my family needs to work on our self-control!

  4. Self control by far is what needs the most attention in my home!!

  5. Kindness

  6. Kindness.

  7. Jennifer H says:

    I think all in my house would greatly benefit from learning more patience!

  8. Kindness

  9. Stephania says:

    Kindness and Contentment. 🙂

  10. I think for us the most difficult right now is self-control!

  11. Jessica White says:


  12. I would love this for my children. The virtue that needs the most work in my home would be kindness. With the age gap between my children it becomes difficult to be kind to one another.

  13. Obedience

  14. I would have to say patience needs some work at our house!

  15. Maricelis C says:

    Patience and self control.

  16. Respect

  17. Patience

  18. Stephanie E says:

    We need to work on Self Control in our home.

  19. Patience and Kindness

  20. Heather Fields says:

    self control & honesty. My 4 year old has no idea that true and untrue answers exist! I keep telling her “that isn’t true, honey” her reply? “but I did say it” LOL as if saying something aloud makes it true. uhhh, no dear.

  21. Audra Silva says:

    Self control and honesty.

  22. Becky Milstead says:

    Attentiveness is a big issue in our house right now.

  23. Courtney Wagner says:

    I think self-control is a big one in our home. 🙂

  24. erickajen says:

    i totally want this!! so cool!

  25. Patience and sharing

  26. Patient, Diligent, Sharing, Self Control, Obedience

  27. Nicole K. says:

    I believe that self control is a big one in our house. We all like to do things on the fly without thinking about any thing else that may interfere with it

  28. kindness and self-control

  29. I have a three year old.. so patience is a virtue that needs to be learned! We are also working, right now, on being content with what the LORD has given us rather than complaining about not having things we don’t need, but want.

  30. Tracey M. says:

    Obedience is the virtue that needs immediate attention at this moment especially since we are all extremely stress with an upcoming move. I would absolutely LOVE to win this bundle! I want to try We Choose Virtues with my daughter this year … and hubby (shhh … just kidding).
    God bless,
    Tracey M.

  31. Awesome! These lessons look like fun. 🙂

  32. ALL OF THEM…

  33. Obedience is the one that we are working on right now.

  34. It’s hard to pick just one. I’d have to say obedience and attentiveness are what we need most right now. Thank you!

  35. They have been having difficulty with kindness lately toward each other

  36. Humm the virtue that needs the most work is self control

  37. Rachel Jernas says:

    I like the self control one a lot! 🙂

  38. We have all had a hard time with Patience and Kindness around here lately…they seem to go hand in hand, don’t they?!

  39. Gina R. P. says:

    self control

  40. Jenna DeMaria says:

    Content is the virtue most needed in my house.

  41. Very hard to pick one. Struggling in just about every area here. I suppose we should start with attentiveness and obedience and kindness

  42. self control

  43. stephanie says:

    Patience….self control and obeying!!

  44. What a great product!!

  45. We need patience

  46. We are struggling with patience and kindness around here – and it isn’t just the kiddo’s…

  47. Self control 🙂

  48. Danielle R. says:

    We need lots of help with all the virtues but right now I think being content is the biggest problem. Thanks for the chance to win!

  49. In all honesty my kids (ages 5 & 2) could really use help with everything. I would love to give this program a try!!

  50. We really need to work on our patience. Would love to win this!

  51. Attentiveness and everything else!

  52. Patience – closely followed by self-control!

  53. We would love to add this to or brand new homeschool!

  54. Melanie Nygaard says:

    Self-Control–Mommy needs it, too!
    Melanie N
    my_rabbit_barn at yahoo.com

  55. We have 3 children 5 and under. We could use help with all of the above! Thanks for the offer!

  56. We need obedience and self-control!

  57. respectfulness!!

  58. Ginny Blankenship says:


  59. Obedience is a big one in our house right now! No one likes it when Mommy has to repeat herself 3 or 4 times to get the little ones to comply!

  60. Self controlled

  61. We need to work on honor and self-control

  62. cookie lady says:

    kindness- my kids choose the right words to say to each other, but their voice tone does not match!

  63. we need to work on self control and kindness and being loving to siblings

  64. we need more patience 🙂

  65. Sonya Hicks says:

    We need more obedience!

  66. kindness, not fighting with siblings…….. I guess that might be self-control

  67. Self-control needs a little work in our house.

  68. patience

  69. Definitely patience!! 🙂

  70. Being in the middle of providing foster care for a little one, I’d say perseverance for sure! Thanks for the chance and intro to this curriculum!

  71. Honesty!

  72. patience with a 2.5 year old; self-control at the store…i can’t resist $1 stores! i guess long-suffering, too…heck. all of them can always use some work. i’ll not be perfect on this earth!

  73. Self-control would probably be the key that would unlock several of the virtues in our home!

  74. Christine B. says:


  75. Patience and self control.

  76. We need to work on patience and self control.

  77. Bobbie From A Montana Front Porch says:

    In all honesty, they all need work. However obedience and kindness to their siblings would be two biggies.

  78. Tessa Smith says:

    I have to pick just one?! Lol, self control, patience, kindness, etc. but, self control would be at the top of my list after this week!!

  79. Sherri Brooks says:

    I have looked at this several times!! This would be such a blessing, we are missionaries and sometimes being on the field your kids need other things to help them not just mom and dad:)

  80. Regina o. says:

    Our family needs to learn patience. We all could benefit greatly from that.

  81. Love this! We definitely need to work on attentiveness around here!

  82. Jessica Evans says:

    RESPECT goodness gracious, I have been so sick lately and my kids have just come up with this vast amount of disrespect for my authority 🙁 It’s been awful, I literally am in tears daily at some point.

  83. kindness and self-control!

  84. Obedient and Self-Controlled would be the two that we would need to work on most. The order of those would change from day to day…depending on what side of the bed the kids got up on! 😉

  85. Jennifer Freeman says:

    We need to work on kindness and self-control.

  86. I think kindness is the virtue we need the most work on.

  87. Gentleness and Patience … so we interact as a family warmly and with grace.

  88. Our family needs patience & contentment.

  89. We definitely need to work on obedience and respect!!

  90. Respect and Obedience will follow I am certain. As well as loving one another..

  91. Patience and kindness!

  92. Definately patience!! I have heard excellent things about this curriculum!

  93. Christina Gray says:

    I have always want to get this kit to use with my four boys. Thank you for giving a chance to win it.

  94. Christina Gray says:

    I have always want to get this kit to use with my four boys. Thank you for giving a chance to win it. Self control is our biggest problem.

  95. Attentive. Hearing what is said and acting on it instead of hearing it and losing it immediately.

  96. We need work in EVERY area!!!!

  97. Just one? Uhhh, probably self-control, but several are way up on the list.

  98. Shannon Paldino says:

    Respect and Diligence

  99. Jessie Chester says:

    Would Love to win this for our little ones ages 3-7 🙂 Thanks and good luck to all that enter!

  100. Melissa H. says:

    My family needs to work on OBEDIENCE!!!

  101. Shannon Alexander says:

    Um..all of them. Obedience for thekids. Patience for mom.

  102. Perserverance and content so we can all learn to wait on God instead of rushing ahead of him.

  103. Perseverance, for sure!

  104. Tiffany Whalen says:

    We need to work on respect and obedience!

  105. We could all use some work with our self-control! (Mama included.)

  106. Self-Control for kids and maybe fore Mom too 🙂

  107. Gina R Padilla says:


  108. Melanie @ ourcraftsnthings.com/ says:

    I can’t decide between self-control, patience and obedience 🙂 Guess I’ll go with self-control.

  109. Kellie Wiggins says:

    Our family focus needs to be on self control.

  110. Definitely obedience! 🙂

  111. Obedience for the kids and I think patience for me.

  112. I think we need the most help with Diligent and Attentive right now.

  113. With six kids ages 12 and younger, we need this in our homeschool!

  114. I think EVERYONE in my house needs to work on self control!

  115. Self-control would help here – would stop taking each other’s things and shouting out unkind words.

  116. Michelle Wickline says:

    I would really LOVE to win this set!!

  117. Michelle Wickline says:

    We need to work on self control in this house!

  118. Jennifer Smith says:

    We need them all in my house!!!!

  119. Karyn Hostetter says:

    Contentment and self-control.

  120. Self-control!

  121. Patience….and self control…Great giveaway!!…I been eyeing this home school set 🙂

  122. contentment and self controle hard to pick all realy great

  123. Self Control

  124. Kindness 🙂

  125. Nancy Clark says:

    patience and self-control

  126. We defenetly need to start from PATIENCE! 🙂

  127. Laura Zimmer says:

    We need patience, perseverance, and kindness.

  128. I have kids ranging from 3 to 10, and we could use some work on all the virtues!

  129. Self control would top our list, with perseverance coming in a close second.

  130. This seems like something that my kids could really learn from.

  131. Crystal Cross says:

    we need to be more diligent

  132. Cindy Barnett says:

    In our family we need to learn kindness, self control, and obedience.

  133. I think the self control for our older ones and the obedience for the younger.

  134. self-control

    • Definitely Self-control and Obedience. I am working on virtues with my autistic/adhd son and it is difficult to find simple to follow products based on Scripture. While he needs to work on all virtues, these are the top two at this time. I think these products are top-notch but out of our budget at this point.

  135. We need Self-Control 🙂

  136. Candy Sims says:

    We need help with self control.

  137. We need to work on self-control…for everyone-

  138. We need to learn self-control first! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  139. We need to work on diligence.

  140. Probably self control!

  141. It’s hard to pinpoint just one, but probably being content would be a good start.

  142. selfcontrole and patience

  143. Katie@PFP says:

    We need to work on self control and diligence. Been eyeing this for a while. Maybe it’s time to get it…

  144. self-control and obedience. 🙂

  145. Jennifer P says:

    Self-control by a longshot!

  146. Patience

  147. Stephanie says:

    We definitely need to work on being more content. We live in a world full of materialism and need to try very hard to be content with the blessings God has given us.

  148. Self control…we’d love this!

  149. Mommy needs patience and the family needs Self-control

  150. Patience and kindness for sure! Great giveaway!!

  151. Definitely self control.

  152. I would say attentiveness first followed by kindness and obedience. 🙂

  153. For the kids it would be kindness and the parents we need to work on patience.

  154. We need to work on obedience and respect 🙂

  155. Erika @ Slowly Natural says:

    Definitely self-control!

  156. Self-Control!

  157. Self-control. Definitely.

  158. obedience and self-control!

  159. Sarah Hill says:

    Patience & self-control

  160. Jessica Chicas says:

    We could benefit from learning about all of them too!!!

  161. We need some self-control!

  162. For sure…patience!

  163. Patience!

  164. We’d love to win this! We need a system to consistently present these topics… we haven’t been very good at adding this to our daily/weekly routine.

  165. Dawn Shirk says:

    We are working on respect and self control.

  166. I found your lovely website via pinterest and plan to subscribe. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! I think we could benefit from all these virtues, but we especially need to grow in patience and kindness around here!

  167. How about all of them? We really need to work on so many. 🙂

  168. Have been wanting to get this for a long time. We need help in many areas. Self control is biggest probably.

  169. Patience!

  170. Self Control looks awesome – especially the visual aspect providing a reminder

  171. Patience and self control.

  172. Tatiana Zecher says:

    I’m thinking contentment and kindness are highest on our list!

  173. Colleen Ladd says:

    Self control to be sure. It’s pretty much the start of many of the others.

  174. Melody Stroud says:

    Patience! and self-control. Thanks for the give-away!

  175. Kindness and self control

  176. I wish I’d had this when my kids were younger – but we’re about to add a 3yo & 5yo to the family thru adoption and this would be fantastic for them!!

  177. Diligence is definitely an attribute everyone in our house could use some work on!

  178. So many things…respect, obedience, kindness, self-control…we could really use this! =)

  179. So many things…respect, obedience, self-control, kindness…we could really use this! =)

  180. We would benefit from being more kind to one another…

  181. ALL!! But mostly Kindness and control their wanter

  182. kelly tillotson says:


  183. Rebecca Smith says:

    Self-control is probably the biggest one for my two kids, ages 4 and 2 1/2.

  184. Being content. In this busy world of instant gratification we all need this one.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  185. Heather N. says:

    Obedience and Self Control (tie) 😉

  186. Definitely CONTENTMENT!

  187. pateince is a must

  188. Our Family as a whole needs constant reminder of all virtues. We are born sinners and we always need to be working on our character.

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