Spring Math Detectives Word Problem Mystery Pack!

Spring Math Detectives Pack

Description: Engage your students with this REALLY fun Math Detective Word problem Pack all set to a SPRING theme!  Each mystery has the student work a word problem related to the mystery.  With each correct answer, they will be asked to go to a certain page to work the next problem to continue to solve the […]

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FREE Earth Day Addition Worksheets Packet!

  Here are 14 pages of FREE Earth Day Addition Worksheets Packet! Included in the Earth Day Addition Worksheets Packet: single digit – 1-10 double digits double digits with carrying triple digits with carrying quadruplet digits with carrying Have your printed the FREE Earth Day printable pack yet? Thank you for sharing these FREE Earth Day Addition […]

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FREE St. Patrick’s Day Math Sheets


Memorizing math facts isn’t always exciting. Try these St. Patrick’s Day themed Math Sheets from In All You Do to add some fun to the memorizing. Head over to her blog to download St. Patrick’s Day themed Math Sheets for free and find out how she uses them!

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Mathbooking – St. Patrick’s Day Journals

Mathbooking - St. Patrick's Day Journal

A Math journal is a great way to promote your child’s ability to learn and grow through words, numbers and even pictures. This is an eBook filled with 10 math journal prompts with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. Your child can cut them out and paste them into their own math journal or they can use this booklet […]

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Free Multiplication Cafe (Online)


Math Cafe is an informal discussion with leaders in the fields of mathematics and mathematics education. You can meet these leaders face-to-face or online, ask questions, and chat with other participants. The event is open and free. What is multiplication? Well, it’s when you multiply one number by another number. Hmm, that doesn’t sound very […]

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