10 HARD Confessions of a Selfish Mom!

10 Confession  of a Selfish Mom! Are you one, too?

I am a selfish mom! Don’t get me wrong, I adore my children and feel they are blessings in my life. I would not change my situation nor do I wish I was someone else. I enjoy my 6 children staying home with me, but I do have 10 confessions that I must admit. I […]

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Atlas Scavenger Hunt [FREE Printable]

Atlas Scavenger Hunt

Education Possible is offering a FREE Atlas Scavenger Hunt Printable! This activity will help your students learn about places around the world from A-Z and become familiar with the format of an atlas. Students can work individually or with a friend to complete the scavenger hunt.  All they need is a copy of the Atlas Scavenger Hunt Printable, a pencil, […]

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5 Smart Things to do Before Your Kids Wake up!

5 smart Things to do before your kids wake up

Unfortunately, if my day doesn’t start out right, my panties get in a wad. Sad, but so TRUE! I don’t want to be like this, but the fact of the matter is….I am this way. And if mama ain’t happy nobody is happy! Yes, I am working on this, but after 17 years of being […]

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FREE Beauty and Makeup Unit Study

Beauty and Makeup Unit Study

Do your girls idolize the newest fashion trend or seek to possess biblical beauty? We walk a fine line of fashion and desire to be modest yet attractive and hip – without being frumpy. If we don’t intentionally teach them a better way, then society will envelop our girls and they will be of the world, instead of […]

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FREE Critical Thinking eBooks – 32.00 Value!

FREE Critical Thinking eBooks! Over 30.00 value!

I really like Critical Thinking products.  We have used several of them in the past.  They are perfect for putting in workboxes, too. Right now, you can get all these eBooks downloads for FREE when signing up for their monthly newsletter.  I immediatly received my eBooks to download and also received a 5.00 off coupon […]

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