21 Creative and FUN Ideas for Book Reports!


One of my fondest memories as a child was creating book reports and sharing my favorite books with my classmates.

I like to encourage my children to be creative and have FUN after reading their own independent books or ones that I assign for their school work.

For some of these ideas, my children do the book reports on books we read during our  read a louds.

21 Creative and FUN Ideas for Book Reports

  1. Make a diorama – these still my children’s favorite
  2. Create a book jacket –  different than the original
  3. Present an oral book report – dress up as your favorite character
  4. Make a poster – pretend your book is going to be made into a movie
  5. Write the author a letter – state why or why not you liked the book
  6. Illustrate and design a comic book
  7. Make a mobile – create your favorite scene
  8. Create a timeline – include the important topics
  9. Create a magazine ad for the book
  10. Make a board game
  11. Put together a Power Point Presentation
  12. Write a letter to a friend informing them why they should read the book
  13. Make a bookmark of your favorite chapter
  14. Create a wordsearch – use vocabulary words in the book
  15. Make a crossword puzzle – let someone who’s read the book work the puzzle
  16. Make a memory game – use index card with vocabulary words
  17. Outline your favorite chapter
  18. Interview someone who lived in the time of the setting or has experienced the plot
  19. Make a True or False quiz – have someone take the quiz who has read the book
  20. Make a lapbook – use these templates
  21. Create a Poem

Here a few of our favorite books!



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Do you require your children to do book reports?


  1. This reminds me of when the school where my older children went started their reading incentive program. The first year they did it we were able to do little projects like this for the books that were read. Unfortunately they moved away from that format.
    I love all these ideas and hope to have the girls do things like this as they get older. Thanks

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