FREE Back to School Printables!

FREE Back to school printables

It’s hard to believe summer is almost over!  Here’s a few Back to School printables that I created for us to do the first day of our new school year!

This FREE Back to School Printable Pack includes:

  • Back to School Scavanger Hunt 
  • Back to School How Many Words Can you Find?
  • Back to School Notebook Page
  • Back to School 2013-2014 Goal Sheet

Print the Back to School printables pack!

I will have an older child team up with a younger one to help locate the supplies.  The scavenger hunt is designed for them to know where all the supplies are located to avoid confusion during the homeschool year.  You might need to help your children with the goal sheet.  My children will place their finished page in their notebooks to revisit during each month to see how they are coming along with their goals.

Stay tuned because I am compiling a big list of EASY Back to School recipes this week.

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Please share this post with other homeschool families if you found the back to school printables helpful, but please direct them to the post and not the pdf.  Happy Back to School!


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