10 Tips to Start Homeschooling Kids

Hi everyone, Great to meet you again here. Some friends of mine visited me a couple of weeks ago asking how to start homeschooling. Homeschooling is very rare here. There isn’t a clear law about homeschooling in Indonesia, I feel I was very terrible to answer the question. It really forced me to review what I have written, How We Started our Homeschooling Formally and to recall what we have done.  10 tips to start homeschooling kids Pray a lotThere are {Read More}

Preparing Christmas with Devotions

December is very close. There are a lot of parties here and there. Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated with decorations, songs, presents, feasts, and parties. Even non-Christians are usually engaged in some non-religious celebrations as Christmas in some countries is considered a cultural event. It is a great thing for all people in the world, as there should be more tolerance and less discrimination in one way. It is not only from a point of view of Christians, {Read More}

Organizing Your Science Notebooking Pages

Last month I shared about general notebooking page organization. Today I would like to share about organizing your Science Notebooking Pages. The essence are still the same. It’s always helpful to me if I plan in advance to avoid middle of the year burnout.  For bigger science lesson preparation, you might check my other post, Preparing Science Experiments in the Beginning of School Year. It might be too late for you to do, but in case you are thinking of improving {Read More}

Learn the Tools to Organize Your Notebooking Page!

Our new homeschool year has been set up last month and it was a very long preparation. We prepare the space the classroom the people or the crew the curriculum  the planning itself. To support our curriculum work, we still use notebooking activities. We have been using notebooking activities since the first time we started our homeschooling formally three years ago. We just love doing notebooking together for several reasons. It might be very challenging to start narration in the notebooking {Read More}

Organizing Your Digital Stockpiles

Hi everyone, It is really great to live in the modern days as we can get more resources to equip ourselves in homeschooling, homemaking, marriage, parenting, etc that we can access anywhere and anytime. I mean by resources here is the digital books and mp3, that I call as digital stockpiles. Even you can build up a private or family library that is more complete than the physical library. With the presence of sophisticated gadgets and online marketing, the possibility {Read More}