There is no question if Halloween is an evil and pagan holiday at it’s worst. It’s just another day for our family to celebrate Jesus for us.

activities on Halloween

After reading the history of Halloween years ago, our family chose not to participate. We would not participate in any type of activities for Halloween

Four years ago, our family decided that we REFUSE to ignore this holiday all together.  We are called to spread the Gospel daily and Halloween is not an exemption.

I want Christians to realize that just because we don’t ignore the holiday doesn’t mean we are participating in the evilness of it all.

We all have choices to make and each one must be guided by the Holy Spirit.  I only write this honest post because for years I thought we were honoring the Lord by ignoring the holiday all together. I honestly believe Satan had a hay day with our mistakes by hiding in our home that day.

No, we are not going to participate in any activity that does not glorify God.  We do not allow our children to dress up in anything that goes against our beliefs, we do not carve scary jack o lanterns to keep the evil demons out,  we do not cast evil spells on anyone, and we do not honor all Saint’s Day by praying to the dead.  We pray to Jesus! On Halloween and every other day of the year.

And we will honor Him on this evil day, too!

Christian Alternative Activities for Halloween 

  1. Host a Reformation Day party
  2. Christian Pumpkin Carving – we carved 2 of these and handed out candy at the end of our driveway.  It was a HUGE hit.  The Christians really appreciated our efforts.
  3. Participate a local church’s Fall Fest – this is a HUGE opportunity to show Christ’s love to the non-believer. All parents are looking for a safe place to take their children.
  4. Hand out tracts wrapped in Candy to the trick or treaters – our family did this 2 years ago and passed out 75 tracts until we finally ran out.
  5. Go on a hayride
  6. Host a campfire cookout – invite your neighbors
  7. Bible Hero Dress Up party have each child dress up in their favorite bible hero and have them do a skit.
  8. Family Harvest of Blessings Partythis looks so FUN!

I found these 10 TOP ten Christian costumes that are so creative. My daughter wants to be Ella along with every other 4 year old on the planet.

I found several FREE printable tracts here, here, and here.

 Please note:  I respect others opinions on this subject and I know that the Holy Spirit convicts each of us differently.  

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What are your activities for Halloween this evil holiday?