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Drinking more daily water is one of my goals this year. I have to admit! I haven’t been tackling this goal in the last couple of months like I have needed to, so it’s time to make some practical changes to my everyday living. 

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When I do not intake enough water each day, I tend to get headaches. I really don’t function well with headaches. I’m grouchy. And of course there are numerous other health reasons why I need to stay hydrated besides being moody. But the headaches are my biggest side effects when being dehydrated. 

When I implement these 9 practical tips, I feel so much better and I’m completely hydrated.  I can be the attentive mom and teacher God designed me to be when I’m feeling my best. Being a single mom has really opened my eyes to the simple health steps that I need to take in order to effectively be there 100% for my children and students on a daily basis. 

9 Practical Tips to Staying Hydrated

  1. Add Fruit to Water – With all the cool infused water pitchers out now, there really isn’t a valid excuse to not to engage in some fruity water. My favorite fruits to add to my water are lemon, limes, grapefruits, and oranges. Just slice them up and store in zip locked baggies in the refrigerator for your next dose of water intake.
  2. Add Fresh Mint to Water – Growing fresh mint is easy and it doesn’t take a green thumb. It’s extremely refreshing to me. I like to add some fresh mint to an ice tray in each slot. I just throw a few ice cubes into my water. Simple divine.
  3. Make Water an Appetizer – I try to drink 8-16 oz of water before my main meal. I start drinking the water about 30 minutes before my meal. I always eat less food when I do this practical tip.
  4. Only order Water – I make it a habit to only order water with lemon or lime when I go out to eat at a restaurant. Of course, on occasion I treat myself to a big girl drink. 
  5. Add an iPhone App – I do not currently use one because I’m a work at home mom, so I tend to measure with my water intake with water bottles, but here’s a FREE COOL app called Waterlogged.
  6. Add Essential Oils to Water – This is my new favorite way to increase my daily water intake. I love to add 2 drops or Grapefruit oil to my water. I admit, I’m addicted to trying to new concoctions with my essential oils. I love to add peppermint, lemon, and lime, too. 
  7. Purchase a Water Bottle – Having a special water bottle designated solely for my increased water intake makes it easier for me to measure my daily intake. I have two identical for this purpose.  They are off-limits to everyone. Yes, I’m selfish like that!
  8. Keep Cold Water Available – I either keep store-bought water bottles in the refrigerator or simply use a water pitcher. I am more likely  to grab water when it’s iced cold than when I have to add ice to make it drinkable to my liking.
  9. Eat Hot Peppers – I sometimes, not always, eat a hot pepper to enhance my metabolism and give it a boost. If I eat 2 hot peppers, I’m a drinking water machine.

If you a like me and have been cursed with a small bladder, don’t worry, you’ll adapt to the increase water intake within a week or two. Also, try not drinking water after 7:00 pm, so you’re not tinkling all night long either.

I hope you find these tips helpful to increase your daily water intake. I would love for you to share a tip that helps you stay hydrated in the comment section.