9 MUST HAVE Items in your Gym Bag

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of BODYARMOR and I’m part of the Mom It Forward Influencer Network. I only promote items that I believe are an asset to my busy life.

Being a busy mom, I need to be organized. 

Time is essence.

And to be totally honest, I can’t say I look forward to going to the gym after a long day of teaching unruly children. However, I know I am at my best when I exercise at least three times per week.

One thing that I religiously do to keep me motivated is to assure my gym bag is always ready to go at any time. I keep it in my car except when I am replacing my beloved gym bag items. If I bring it inside, I immediately refill my gym bag with my essentials and put it by my front door, so I can load it back in my car the next time I walk out the door.

This mandates that I have no excuses to not hit the gym on my way home even if it’s for 20 minutes on the treadmill. 

The 9 MUST Have Gym Bag Items

  • Headphones

I keep an extra cheap pair of headphones in my gym bag. I prefer to use my Powerbeats, but sometimes they aren’t fully charged. I love to listen to audible books while I work out. 

  • Deodorant

I like to keep a travel sized stick of deodorant and body spray in my bag for when I’m running quick errands after the gym.Part of being diligent when working out is to have your gym bag fully equipped with the essentials. Is your gym bag ready to go? Check out my 9 MUST HAVE gym bag items.


  • BODYARMOR SportWater

BODYARMOR SportWater is a premium water, designed by athletes, for athletes. It has a Performance pH of 8+ and a proprietary Sports Electrolyte formula, plus a wide-mouth bottle for faster, Superior Hydration. It’s a water that works as hard as I do and keeps me feeling fully hydrated. 

Electrolytes for Sport

Performance pH 8+

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  • Gym outfit and shoes

I only pack my gym clothes and shoes when I’m going to the gym right from work, but in all honesty, I’m more dedicated when I go directly from work than coming home first. Once I get home from school, I don’t want to leave the house.

  • Lip gloss

 I might not have make-up on, but I always wear lip gloss. Lip gloss is sort of an addiction for me.

  • Ponytail/Clip

You can never have too many of these babies. 

  • Protein

I keep a couple of packages of single serving nuts, such as, almonds or cashews.

  • Clean towel

I usually keep several small towels in my gym bag. When I’m finished with one, I throw it in a gallon sized ziplock baggie.

  • Hand Sanitizer

Keeping a travel-sized hand sanitizer clipped on my gym bag zipper is always helpful and useful.

Keeping a gym bag that’s always ready to go isn’t rocket science, but it’s just a simple task that I can do to motivate me to exercise on a regular basis. 


Part of being diligent when working out is to have your gym bag fully equipped with the essentials. Is your gym bag ready to go? Check out my 9 MUST HAVE gym bag items.Win a 25.00 gift card and One Month Supply of BODYARMOR Water

BODYARMOR is a premium, sports drink that provides superior hydration. It’s included with electrolytes, coconut water and vitamins and is low in sodium and high in potassium. 

It tastes identical to plain bottled water which I love when I’m working out.

As a treat for myself, I enjoy BODYARMOR. It’s my sport drink of choice. I don’t like sports drinks that are too sweet full of sugar.

BODYARMOR is a premium, sports drink that provides superior hydration. It is packed with electrolytes, coconut water and vitamins and is low in sodium and high in potassium. BODYARMOR sports drink contains natural flavors and sweeteners and no colors from artificial sources.

I was thrilled to try BODYARMOR LYTE that has all the same nutrients as BODYARMOR, is naturally sweetened and has only 20 calories per serving. BODYARMOR LYTE comes in two great flavors: Peach Mango and Cherry Berry.

My favorite is Peach Mango.

BODYARMOR LYTE is heavy on hydration and LYTE on calories.

Simply leave a comment on what is your MUST HAVE item that is always in your gym bag with your email address to be entered to win a 25.00 Kroger gift card and a one month supply of BODYARMOR water.

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  1. Kati Koster says:

    Water, deodorant, extra hair bands, make up, hairbrush.

  2. In addition to what you already mentioned, I must have breath products (mints, spray, etc.).

  3. When going to exercise, I must have good water and my device to record my strength exercises so I know how many reps/sets I completed and the weight I used.


  4. I must have tootsies rolls or little cheese candies. I have type 2 and just need a quick pick me up.

  5. I’ve got to have toothpaste and a toothbrush! Even I decide to wait and shower when I get home, I feel better with brushed teeth!

  6. I swim since I have arthritis but I need to have body powder in my bag!

  7. I like to carry a body mist or cooling spray. I have Norwegian icicles for blood and I HATE being hot and sweaty, regardless of all the little feel-good endorphins!

  8. I have to have a snack with me along with water.

  9. Perfect Water..another great way to stay hydrated.

  10. Headphones, towel & water bottle

  11. Debi Merrill says:

    Water, extra clothes, ponytail holder, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, bar of soap, lotion

  12. Up beat music, it gets my body moving

  13. Amy Callahan says:

    Mine is protein bars. I’m always starving a few minutes after my kickboxing class ends!

  14. Must have my water, if nothing else.

  15. Mary Underwood says:

    Well to be honest, I don’t have a gym bag packed. That is on our “must do January ” list. Me and my husband plan on joining a gym the start of the year. But back to you question, I think you listed everything I would put in my bag.

  16. Nancy Cavasoz says:

    I work out at home but while doing a workout I must have a ponytail holder and defiantly water.

  17. Water bottle, headphones, towel.

  18. Karen McLeod says:

    I like to have gum.
    I don’t know how to leave the link to pinterest.

  19. Chapstick and deodorant

  20. Teresa Locklear says:

    A to read while on the bike.

  21. Sharalyn Snavely says:

    Shower needs/flip flops.

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