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Math is one of those subjects that you either get or don’t. And I was one of those students who just didn’t get math as a child. 

I was determined to make my children’s math experience different from mine. I taught my children a lot of hands on activities and math games with our math teaching resources to help master the skills. 

I have been teaching math for 13 years. Here are the must have items for teaching elementary math that helps kids have a true understanding of math.

Here are a few math teaching resources that I think make a big difference in a child’s true understanding of math. Even though my younger ones go to the public school, I have managed to keep these effective math tools available to expand their knowledge. Also, they are so fun for them. It beats the teaching worksheets that they do primarily K-5 math.

9 Best Math Teaching Resources K-5


Counting Teddy Bears – my kids started using these when they were two or three. We used them to count and the make patterns. As they got older they used them for manipulatives to work out simple math teaching worksheets and problems.

ThinkFun Math Dice Jr. – this math game is perfect for the 4 and 5 year old. It is a great hands on way to learn simple mental math for adding and subtracting up to the number twelve. 


Learning Resources Minute Math Electronic Flash Card. This gives the kids the drill they need to memorize the facts without the use of everyday flashcards. This item helped my children a lot. It has a timer that makes it challenging. 

Pizza Fraction Fun. My kids and I played this math game over and over. They really understood the concepts of fractions. My little ones played with it, too. 


Abacus – this is the one of the elementary math tools that I used to teach my children place value.  I wrote a post about it many moons ago. Also, it ended up being one of their favorite math manipulative. We still have it around our home for math practice.



Unifix Cubes – I don’t think a day went by that someone didn’t use these either to work a math problem or simply play with them. 


Gear Clock – I believe using a gear clock is the only way you can teach the concept of time successfully. I know I have bought a similar at the dollar store


Bingo Games – we played bingo often. It’s a fun way to master the facts. We also had the addition & subtraction math games, too.

Dry Erased Board– I used a dry erased board for teaching new concepts and the children used the boards to work out problems. I used to buy them at the dollar store

Teaching math can be so rewarding when they finally get it. I don’t believe worksheets are enough to really master the basics of math. Hands-on fun and making math a part of our everyday life has made a world of difference in my children’s little minds.

Do you have a favorite math teaching resources K-5 that you recommend?