7 MUST Preparation Tips for Successful Potty Training!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pull-Ups®.

Tracking PixelWow! Potty Training and Pull-Ups® training pants have come along way since my oldest started potty training. Pull-Ups® training pants are available in new designs featuring Doc McStuffins and Ariel for girls and Jake and the Never Land Pirates and Lightning McQueen for boys. 



My daughter is a HUGE Doc McStuffins fan.

Potty training was always a HUGE deal in our home. We got everyone involved including grandparents and cousins. It certainly is not an easy transition by any means but I did find these tips to be helpful after potty training 5 boys and 1 princess. I think one of the biggest aspect that causes frustration among parents is that they don’t understand the process. 

And it is a process. It takes time and diligence. 

I don’t recommend starting the process until the child has shown an interest in potty training. Don’t force the issue because it will just cause tears and resentment from you and your child. I learned the hard way. I thought my third son was going to turn 21 before he was going to be in underwear. lol!

Make sure you do these 7 practical tips before starting your potty training journey. Grab the 3.00 off coupon, too! #ad #pullupsbigkiddeal.

7 MUST Preparation Tips for Successful Potty Training!

  • Introduce the potty and make sure they are not afraid of it.
  • Introduce Pull-Ups® Training Pants and make a HUGE deal out of this. 
  • Be consistent and buy the same Pull-Ups® Training Pants.
  • Make a schedule and stick to it. Set the alarm on your phone.
  • Get EVERYONE involved including grandparents, siblings, and teachers.
  • Make sure you teach your child how to pull the Pull-Ups® Training Pants on and off. This helps with independence.
  • Encourage, Encourage, and more encouragement. 

Your child will have accidents. But don’t throw in the towel, just be patient. I think one of the worse things I did was get frustrated and put my child back in diapers. Don’t do this! It just sends the wrong message entirely,

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Did you know?

  • Pull-Ups® training pants come in three sizes: 2T–3T (18- 34 lbs.); 3T–4T (32–40 lbs.) and 4T–5T (38+ lbs.)
  • Pull-Ups®brand offers three different kinds of gender and size specific training pants that include:

Be sure to grab this FREE app Pull-Ups® Time to Potty App – a tool that motivates, educates and rewards potty training behavior, helping moms and toddlers develop consistent routines. I sure wish they had this when I was potty training my oldest 16 years ago.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pull-Ups®.

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